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I was recently (unfortunately) talked into cutting my long hair to shoulder length and it looks terrible. I've used the same stylist for about 2 years with ho-hum results, but this was it! I need someone who knows curls and can help give some style back to what is left of my hair. Any recommendations for a stylist in the Sacramento/Lodi/Stockton/Modesto are of N. California?


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    hi, sorry i dont know any but i aslo need one.. so BUMP

    hopefully someone knows
    i also am right here in the stockton/lodi area:)
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    I have 3b with some 3c shoulder length hair.

    I just recently went to Rachel at Lush Salon in Downtown Sacramento. I had been going to San Francisco to Madusalon for Deva cuts, which were great, but it's just so hard to get there.

    Rachel has very cute curly hair and does understand curls. She has a very unique way of cutting, where she combs out your curls (yes, I looked like Roseanne Rosanna Danna, think giant hair) and then cuts it. I really like the shape of my hair, it's similar to a Deva cut, although it seems like I have less clumping then with a Deva cut. Not sure why.

    Anyway, I'm going back in a couple of days to have her touch up my highlights and won't hesitate to have her cut my hair again in the future.
    3B, with some 3C
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    Thanks so much! Do you remember about how much is it for a cut? I dont need one soon...couple months but im glad i know where to go now
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    Here is a review by a curly specialist Beverly Neeland. She transferred to San Diego after working in Sacramento for many years, and before she left she researched a few salons with comments

    Rachel at Lush is $55.00

    Cerutti, 552-5252 at JL Cerutti Salon, 1201 24th Street, Jennifer has several reviews under NaturallyCurly.Com. She does NOT use thinning shears or a razor on curly hair, and says she prefers to cut wet first then do an adjustment haircut when dry. Jennifer is considering switching her hair color to Organic Color Systems, the same color I use. She currently uses Redken color and styling products.

    Rebekkah Frost, http://[URL=""][/URL] 916-716-2889, at Alainn Tu at 34th & Folsom and Bellara Salon, Rebekkah likes to cut hair wet for more control, and also does NOT use thinning shears or a razor to cut curly hair. She uses Organic Color Systems, too. The stylists at Bellara Salon also all use OCS.

    Megan, the owner at Bellara Salon 916-912-7533, is a curly girl and likes curly clients. She will cut both dry and wet and does NOT use thinning shears or a razor. Bellara Salon is green, eco-friendly, too! All the stylists use OCS.

    Mary Ann (cell: 916-784-7090) at Uptown Hair Design in Roseville, 916-622-2191, does use thinning shears, but won't if you don't like them to be used on your hair. She says to plan ahead when booking, as she's 3-4 weeks out. She uses Redken color and had 20+ years experience.

    Carol Wallace at The Cut Above in Grass Valley "loves" to use the razor on curly hair, and explained she was trained by the best for doing razor cuts. She has one review on Naturally Salon # 530-477-1261, Cell 530-559-1711.

    Heather Anderson, who used to be at Space 07 Salon, has apparently moved to a new location nearby. Many of you may remember that Heather and I worked together at Arimosa Salon and Spa. Several of my clients went to Heather during my maternity leave. She has several reviews under, too.

    Additional stylist listings for curly hair from and Yelp. (I did not have a chance to interview any of these stylists.)
    Rachel @ Lush 916-447-5874
    Desmond @ Savvy 916-525-3999
    Marcia Williams @ Image in Elk Grove 916-478-4200
    Dave Aguirre @ MckKinley Park, 916-737-0700
    Lauren @ The White Orchids, 916-444-6123
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    CJH&B (Rinse out)
    CCCC Lite
    Biosilk Rock Hard Gel or HESMU
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    Beverly MOVED????? I used to go see her at Arimosa but then she had a baby and I lost track of her. I was planning to go hunt her down see her after I graduate and get a job (and have money)...but now is have to find someone else. How sad :-(

    Thanks for the other reviews though...very helpful!
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