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Are there any 4A/4B's that have used this product line and what type of results. Is the Type 4 HairCreme worth trying. Did it provide moisture and shine or sheen for the hair.


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    I got my hair colored and trimmed by Sophia Sunflower, the maker of My Honey Child products. She used the type 4 creme on me along with the [buylink=]herbal hair cocktail[/buylink]. It left my hair super soft and super curly. I almost bought both, but my ORS works just as well for half the price. I def. recommend it if you have a bigger budget for hair products than I do. At least purchase a sample.

  • curlynikkicurlynikki Registered Users Posts: 2,420 Curl Neophyte
    and yes, the shine/sheen factor was great and it lasted several days, without touch-ups. You make the call :D It is a great product.
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    I also use the Type 4 Cream as well. Although it is better than some other products, I did notice more sheen but not enough moisture. On my last visit to the salon Kira suggested that I add the Aloe Vera Leave In Treatment. I had been using a different product. I've noticed a drastic difference but in a great way. Now I have moisture that I was looking for. Also, the Type 4 Cream has lasted me for a long time at least 8 months now and I'm just about to half of the jar.
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  • PJsMomPJsMom Registered Users Posts: 173
    I love the smell and the results. It was great moisture and it does give me the elongation I don't get alot of shrinkage with it. It's hard to wash out. Does anyone else have this problem? Orwhat methods are you using to apply the product?

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