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Soo...when I'm older like around 18, I want to texturize my hair.

It's way too much to handle now and I know once I'm older and the life I'll have I won't be able to mantain my natural hair. That's a definite given.
I'm home almost all day and I can't even handle it now.

:/ I've thought about Brazilian hair treatments, or the Japanese one?

I really could use your opinions and thoughts.
Anything that can make and keep my hair less curly or straight would help. :)


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    DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN if you decide to do anything...If you HAVE to maybe a drug store one would suffice just make sure you maybe do it with someone who may have already done it or go with a professional.

    I would stay away from Brazilian or Japanese treatments because they are extreme and dangerous with inexperience - you could end up with major hair damage.

    Please be careful.
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    if you mean Brazilian, or Japanese "straightening" i personally think you should not do it. But this is my opinion.

    My mother never gave me the chance to chose between relaxing (i know it may not be the same chemical process but still it is a permanent process) and my natural hair. My hair grew long and what i thought was healthy, but what chemical process on you hair is healthy?

    Also, i had some friends in high school (and a family member who just did it) who did the Japanese (Keratin) treatment, and to be honest the girls in high school (twins, who thought it was easier to do this) had very broken hair and thin ends. their hair did NOT look healthy. And the family member who just did this, had to cut her ends because they looked too frayed (which they didnt look before).

    Right now im transitioning because if you think about it natural hair is A LOT more versatile than chemically straightened hair. But also before transitioning it was easier to deal with my relaxed hair at school (im away).

    Do you mean when you go away to college that you wont have enough time to take care of your hair?, because for me and im a Bio-Chem major whos always studying and doing work, i actually have too much time to do nothing sometimes lol.

    i hope that helped and good luck with you decision!
    All the best,
    started transitioning:

    transitioning for maybe a year-depends on length


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