new to naturally curly please help.

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I'm needing some help on my hair and whats the matter with it.

Until two years ago i never really new that my hair had the bouncy like curls. I let my hair grow out after cutting it really short for the summer and realized at how much volume and wildly curly it had gotten. And since it was so short i decided to let it grow out....and soo now that it has finally grown to the lengh that I want...I've noticed some problems.

For one my hairstylist said that Ihave Julia Roberts hair and that I should come here and look around.
My hair has been really curly for the past month and I'm very pleased with the results.. But I changed up my hair products and bought a diffuser thinking my curls would become more fuller and not dull like.

I started watching the youtube vids and took some of the tips.
for example
i stopped washing my hair everyday
cut out the shampoo
bought a diffuser
used a different moose
and stopped using my comb

And about 30 mins ago I took a shower to try the new tips i learned from youtube..

Well lets just say my curls have now turned into something of flat curls hair now has nothing but flat curls and I think its from the diffuser since i used it last..

what can i do to my curls come back (on my crown too)?

also how come my hair on underneath is never curly?

what kind on products can i use?

also can you show me (maybe in a step to step) way I can style my type 3a hair?

(sorry for any missed spelled words in a mad rush)
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    A good investment for you might be to buy Struttswife's (aka Tiffany) ebook. Her website also has a lot of information:

    You can also get a lot of information reading the Newbies, read first forum. There are stickies at the top of a lot of the forums that have vital information for understanding what we're all talking about.

    You need to determine the texture and porosity of your hair (book will be helpful) to give people more information to help you. Once you know your texture and porosity (more important then curl type) find someone with hair like yours and "stalk" them on the boards. Look at what products they use (most have it in their signatures) and what techniques they discuss.
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    I second the e-book. It's very useful and informative.
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    PM me if you have suggestions for my hair (i.e. product, etc.), help would be very much appreciated!
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    I also would recommend struttswife's online ebook. On her website I discovered what looks to be a link to a blog with a really great guide for new cg's so I'm including the link:

    if your really up to it you could always go to your local bookstore or amazons and purchase Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Its written by the author that invented the curly girl routine. The book also helped inspire this site. Hope this helps :)

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