BC'd My 13 yo Daughter's Hair Last Night!

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I just want to thank you for all your support over the past year as dd transitioned to healthy hair.

I BC'd DD's hair last night and cannot believe the difference in dd's hair. Those dried out relaxed ends are now gone, and Storm's hair is so silky and soft. Her curls popped after a DC under the steamer.

The hair growth was unbelievable, as we can put her hair into two braids braids that hang just below the jaw line. She does have that mullet going on as the hair is pretty even through out her head, but she does not care one bit because she now has natural, healthy hair.

And products! We've played all day with various products we purchased, and hope to find a combo she loves before school resumes next Monday.

Unfortunately, I'm still transitioning until 07/10.
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    Awh! Thats so cool! I wish i went natural when i was 13 (im 16). But that is so great that she's learning to accept her God-Given hair. :) I feel so old now...lol. :mrgreen:
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    I think my hair likes cones... :)
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    Awww, That is great! Congrats!
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  • blessedhimeblessedhime Registered Users Posts: 1,458
    Marvelous! Congrats! :mrgreen:
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    Congrats! :wav:
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  • FleurztyFleurzty Registered Users Posts: 795
    Congrats! You will find the right product combos!
  • hippychichippychic Registered Users Posts: 4,673 Curl Neophyte
    congrats to your DD. :wav:

    it makes me feel so good when people accept and embrace themselves (especially young people where there is mad peer pressure).
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