new here and lost haha

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Hi, new person here, my name is Vanessa.
I did a very brave thing yesturday..well brave for me when it comes to my hair.
so ive ALWAYS had a fear a haircuts/trims..hate em.. =(
yesturday I went to the salon and told the lady to cut off everything that was dead/dry..BC my hair was pretty bad..
a good 5 inches is GONE..and i know thats not much..but for me its my hair is just an inch or 2 below my shoulders...Im so sad lol.
but I know its better that i got rid of the bad.. i have 3B hair and I dont know what to do with it,,
I need help that my hair is pretty much the healthiest its ever been I want to keep it that way..what kind of products do u recomend. I notice my hair is dryer like on top then under.. Im guessing its bc thats where I usually put the most product and since its drying it out I must be using the wrong stuff..
whats the best line of products for curly hair.. I need moisture! haha..
thanks in advance for any tips!


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    Yes, you did do a brave thing yesterday. But, it was good--damaged hair is not a pretty sight.

    The first thing you need to do is read some of the threads, especially the ones at the top of the Newbies Please Read First Forum. You need to have more information about your hair then the curl type--that really doesn't have much to do with product selection. Texture and porosity are MUCH MORE important.

    At the top of each of the forums are stickies--they are important information to read, so you can begin to understand what everyone is talking about when they post.

    Once you know more about your hair, you should find someone who has hair like yours and "stalk" them on the boards. Look at what products they use and discuss (most of us have them in our signatures) and other topics that are of interest to them.

    My hair likes the more natural products. I wet, rinse out and style every day. I rotate products, seldom using any one product more then twice a week. I also change products based on season.
    3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity
    SE PA

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