First haircut since going CG... help!

I keep putting it off b/c I'm nervous, but I haven't had a haircut since March & my ends are gross! I was hoping to get a Deva cut or something to enhance my waves, but I just can't afford it so back to my regular little salon I go. Questions:

1. What should I do in terms of washing? Pre-CG I let them wash my hair, but I don't know if the products they use have silicones. Is it weird to bring in my own products? I feel like they wouldn't know what to do since I only cowash & condish (& ACV rinse randomly). Could I wash my hair in the morning then just have them wet it?

2. The thing I'm most nervous about is the combing/brushing. I haven't straightened my hair since going CG mid-August & now the brush scares me. Have any of you gone to a regular salon as a CG? Did it take your hair a long time to recover from the combs? I'm a 2b, so just wavy.

3. I always hear conflicting things. Layers or no layers? My hair's just grazing my collarbone now, & it was layered, but I went CG 5 months after my haircut so it was just a mess

This is the only way that CG is bad-- now that I know how good my hair can be I'm terrified of going back!


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    no silicones/sulfates, but lowpoo 1x week (GTTT)
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    still on a mission to find my hg combo.. :)

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