Friends' 2-year-old with a cough

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We're supposed to go over to our neighbors' house for an early New Years Eve celebration tonight. They've got 3 kids and we've got our two. The mom told me today that her 2-year-old has a bit of a cough, mostly in the morning, and no other symptoms or fever or anything. She's not too worried about it but wanted to let me know because of the baby. I'm not too concerned either, especially since I'll wear Abram in a wrap or sling and the other kids won't be touching him anyway. But I don't want to be stupid either... he's only 3 weeks old. I can make sure to wash Solomon's hands well after he plays with the other kids and their toys, so he doesn't catch anything and then give it to Abram. But in the winter, I feel like coughs and runny noses are pretty much par for the course. If we avoided people every time we or they had a cough or runny nose, we'd never see anyone.

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    ita...w/ the little one it's been associated w/ allergies :dontknow:
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    Maya was a winter baby and she had a 4 yo brother who attended preschool. We didn't really interrupt our routine to keep the baby in.That said, I remember her having a cold at about a month or 6 weeks, but it wasn't severe and I remember thinking it's probably par for the course for a winter baby with siblings.

    I might try to find out if the parents know what the cough is from and if the child is more prone to sickness. Aidan is very prone to colds and has asthma so a cough accompanies everything, although he doesn't seem to be too contagious. He attends daycare and typically, he'll be the only child with cold symptoms. Some kids just seem more illness prone. Anyway, if the cough was from the flu or bronchitis or something, I'd probably stay away but otherwise, I'd probably go, especially given that he won't be handling the baby. That's just me though.
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    If someone calls me ahead of time to let me know someone may be sick, or may be getting sick, I cancel the plans - but that's just me. I realize this time of year people are just going to get sick anyway, but I still avoid it when I can.

    If I had a 3 week old baby I would DEFINITELY cancel my plans. I don't think I made plans with healthy people when I had a 3 week old.
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    I would go anyway. Breastfeeding newborns have a lot of protection.
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    Dang, Pixie! I wasn't ready to even go to the grocery store 3 weeks post-partum! You must have some serious stamina...LOL

    I'd go, if you feel up to it. It's highly unlikely that Abram will come into contact with the other little boy if he's in a wrap. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    If it's just in the morning that sounds more like the house might have some dry air or allergies. That's how my kids are if I don't run the humidifier.
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    I would go anyway. Breastfeeding newborns have a lot of protection.

    I agree.
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    We went, and the little girl didn't cough once. It was a nice time; I'm glad we went.
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    Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy :love5:

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