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First time poster here. Just wanted to share my highlights sucess story. It was the first time I'd ever gotten highlights in my hair.

I am biracial African American, with light skin. I guess you could say I have the coloring of Beyonce, but with darker hair. I have 3B hair, and always wanted the fuller "mane" of 3C. My hair is just too soft and frizzy for me to get the kind of body that I'd like. My hair is basically chestnut brown.

I found a woman who cuts curly hair, through a curly hair website. I was only going for a cut, and was willing to pay the $$ to get it right. (true confessions, i'm just cheap and had been going to Supercuts for a boring straight across haircut)

Well, she gave me a great cut that "sheared" down through my hair. ( I've had that done before...badly... and it makes frizz. But she did it right. I think leaving length on the top of the head is the key.) It gave my hair more "bounce," so it's not so limp and curly.

I was going to splurge and get some subtle highlights, maybe like a henna.

But she suggested I get blonde highlights (BLONDE...me??!!). :shock: She said it would be less subtle. And if I didn't like it, I could color over it with my regular brown brown. So I just thought let me go for it!!!

BTW... I am in my 40s, and have been into having "natural hair" and this was a real stretch for me.

She gave me two colors of blond. Light around the face, and a more honey blonde alternating with the light blonde in the body. She suggested not to have the highlights start at the hairline, because that way I wouldn't have to come in so often to get a touchup.

She also put the highlights in big "chunks" because the curly hair will tend to split up the highlights if they're too thin, and you won't see them.

I am so HAPPY that i did, and recommend dramatic highlights to all curlyheads out there.

The blond chunky colors really makes my hair "pop" and gives it the appearance of shininess that I never got with my regular brown hair.

For styling, she recommended Pantene's ice shine. I don't shampoo often, but use the conditioner to wash my hair. Leave some in the hair, and then take a dab of the conditioner in the palm with a dab of gel and work it through.

The monetary damage for cut and color was around $200, which is steep. But she said that I only need to come in like every 4 months or so, so I think it's worth it.

I'm still into natural beauty. But sometimes its fun to get a change and get a different look for yourself.

The highlights did not straighten my hair like I've read on some posts.

My only recommendation if you're going to get them done, is to pay the cash and let a pro do them the right way. I could not have gotten these results going to my local shopping mall, or letting Supercuts do my highlights.


  • catchthewavescatchthewaves Posts: 7Registered Users
    Sounds pretty! I think I will have to splurge and go back to my hairdresser for highlights too. I colored my own hair and don't really like it.
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    Have you noticed any difference in your hair since the highlights mine seems to be so much drier. How is the Pantene ice shine doing for your hair? Does it have alot of cones in it? Not that I really care at this point but I do CO mostly but I have been using the shimer light to brighten my highlights up when they start looking dull but it is so drying I got to get something else for that soon
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    My hair was always dry, even before highlights. After highlights I had my usual dryness, but since discovering this site, I've changed my routine entirely and have soft, tangle-free not dry hair. A lot of my split ends were from me literally ripping my ends apart during the course of the day, after they had formed into dry knots.

    However, for the past couple of weeks, I have been following a modified CG and my hair is feeling better than it ever has. It's not dry anymore. I do still use the Ice Shine for conditioner, but I changed to no poo. I do rinse most of the conditioner out. I only comb with my fingers with the conditioner in.

    I made a hair spray for myself from spring water, lavender essential oil, and sweet almond oil. I think the almond oil is the secret to non-dry hair. It's been really great on my hair, better than jojoba or coconut oil. And I don't rinse it out, since it's diluted in a spray. There are way less tangles, and those that do develop are small and seem really easy to manage. I spray this on after CO washing my hair, and also use it daily for styling and 2nd day hair.

    Also, when my hair dries, I put the front up in a clip, and since it's out of my face, I'm less likely to mess with the curls when they're drying.

    after they dry, I like more volume, and turn my hair upside down and fluff it up that way, not touching the top layer of curl.

    I hope this is helpful. :D I only wish I had information like this growing up. It would have saved me years of dry frizzy hair.
  • lagniappelagniappe Posts: 21Registered Users
    I use some clear gel gently on the top layer after I use the almond oil spray. be careful not to break the curl when you apply your gel.
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    Thank you so much for your advice. I will try the sweet almond oil I have been using jojoba oil and coconut. I dont think my hair since gettting the highlights likes coconut oil very well for some reason. Im almost out of conditioner I might try the ice shine. I think my hair has just been over processed in the past few months. I have been using the shimmer lights to brighten the highlights up. I think that is causing the most of the dryness so Im going to have to get something else to keep them bright.
  • lagniappelagniappe Posts: 21Registered Users
    If you use it, let me know how it turns out!!! Curious how it might work on other curlies.

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