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buckeyebuckeye Registered Users Posts: 129
Gave to a friend - thanks!

AO Green Tea 'poo up for grabs! Only used once, just not for me!

Asking $14.00 shipped (Paypal only)...OR, would love to swap for any of the following:

TJ Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner
LLL Grean Tea Cleanse
HSH Pumpking conditioner
YTT conditioner
CJ LI (Curl Assurance or Beauticurls)

TIA! :sunny:
:toothy7: on my CG journey since 10/31/09
**2-3ish mix/coarse/med-high porosity/v thick/graying, color treated
cleansers: CJ DF
co-wash: TJ TTT/Suave DC
rinse out/treatments: YTT/YTC/HSH Pumpkin/CJ CR/AO GPB
Stylers: homemade FSG/HETMS spray
:thumbleft: pixiecurl diffusing in winter, air drying in summer, Icequeen method, combing right before plopping
:thumbdown: glycerin, panthenol, heavy oils, diffusing in summer, Suave Cherry Blossom co, gel :(

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