How Long?

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I've heard that you won't know your true texture until you BC.
Then I've heard that you still won't know your true texture after the BC and that it will take awhile for your hair to not be in shock anymore and it has to grow a little.

How long do you have to wait to meet your true texture?? Haha. I'm confused. Is my hair always going to look like this except just get longer or is something supposed to happen to it? I BCd 2 months ago...


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    I don't think there is actually an official time span for your hair to change, and if there was, I'm sure there are many factors that would affect it for each person - how much new growth they had, how long they transitioned for, the transitioning style, etc. I just BC'ed completely last week, but my sides and back were already natural from my mohawk style...and I did that in August and the texture is still the same. I think it has more to do with your hair growing out and stretching your curls, or cutting off the relaxed hair and the curl pattern tightens because it's not weighed down.
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  • brownsugar84brownsugar84 Registered Users Posts: 111
    Gotcha. I hope nothing significant changes once I finally get a regimen down and then I have to change it all over again, but I guess that's the name of the game.
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    My hair is the same as the day I bc'ed but it took a good year to figure out what makes it thrive.
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    Yup I have tight corkscrews and some ringlets in the backs now that I have bc'd. Before I cut the relaxer off my curls were stretched out because of the relaxed ends, if you get what I mean. Whether they will change or not idk
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    For me it took about a month after I cut my dreds to see my true texture. My hair was dry and frizzy when I cut them. It took a month of DTs, co washes, shea butters, etc. before my hair started to coil and curl...and shrink like he**. But that comes with the territory when your hair is healthy. Funny thing is a month after I cut my locks, my hair looked SHORTER than it did when I first cut it thanks to my good friend, Shrinkage.:glasses1:
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  • brownsugar84brownsugar84 Registered Users Posts: 111
    My hair is the same as the day I bc'ed but it took a good year to figure out what makes it thrive.

    Oh wow. I was starting to think I was abnormal since I still haven't found a good routine. It still tends to be a little dry and the times that it's soft and moist, I forget what I did :confused:

    And @ NubianCoils, yeah, I won't mind the shrinkage as long as it's healthy. I actually think I may have done something wrong. It seemed healthier directly after the BC and now :dontknow: I think I may try henna to see if that helps get me through the winter while I'm still figuring out what my hair likes.
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    I bc'd over a year ago and I have noticed subtle changes in my hair all along. As my hair gets longer, I've noticed that I have more curls and ringlets and it is much softer. This also may have to do with the health of my hair. I wore braids to transition and my hair was so dry when I finally stopped braiding.

    It may be because of the weight of my hair too. When I bc'd, my hair in the front was straight, no curl at all (mind you, most of the rest of my hair is coffee stirrer size curls). As it gets longer I noticed that it is waving more and more, almost starting to curl. I thought I would get the opposite effect and the weight would straighten it, but it hasn't.

    The longer my hair gets, I am finding that it is getting more uniform. I don't have 3 different textures anymore, only two. At some point, I may only have one! So you might want to take length into consideration when thinking of changes in texture.

    This has been such a rollercoaster ride! I just work with it the best I can as it changes.
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    As my hair grows, the curls are more defined and it's starting to get a bit of hang.

    When I bc, I had just a mass of fluff.
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    Supposedly. (edit: ah i need to read, you have already bc'ed lol :tongue3: oops well maybe my post will help someone who hasnt)

    I think it depends on a number of things like some other posters state.

    How long you transition, how well you took care of your new growth while transitiong, also how long your hair is.

    The idea is that the relaxed ends sort of weigh your roots down. So its not so much that the curls themself actually change its just being stretched out like a slinky and when you clip your ends the curls will spring or snap back.

    But I personally don't think it is something dramatic like a person thinking they are 3a and actually have 3c hair. Or something along the lines to where you seem to jump between two or more "hair type categories". For example, yes at first I was a little confused but NOW I know exactly where my textures vary and I have a good guess about what they are and how they will look. As you can transition you can cut small portions of your hair to see how the curls snap back and that will give you a great estimate.

    Different people's hair respond differently to different things. My hair went from about hip length, to waist length and then to about brastrap all before I started transitioning with several small chops. When I offically decided to transition I personally decided there was no point in holding on to old relaxed ends that would eventually break off or be bc'ed off so I chopped to about apl length before summer. Once school started again I chopped to a little past shoulder, now I am at about shoulder length stretched. At this point (10 months in almost! YAY!) My natural hair predominates and I have a pretty darn good idea of what my hair is going to look like. There is no confusion as I have done many deep treatments and played in my hair enough :lol: to know where the so called "3c ish" spots are etc... or whatever curls you have after a while you can pretty much tell.

    Hope that helps.

    Just continue to nuture your hair and deep condition and for me it helped that when I decided to transition that I (a) transitioned mentally, meaning I had to accept whatever decided to sprout out of my head and not to worry about what everyone else thought or whether or not I "should" go natural, I just did it! and (b) I made the decision to treat my relaxed hair as though it was natural, to get into a routine. Which means with about 1 inch or so of new growth I was already co washing and wet bunning. So far so good!
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    My hair has changed a lot over time. There is no telling really, so enjoy the ride!
  • hippychichippychic Registered Users Posts: 4,673 Curl Neophyte
    Fleurzty wrote: »
    My hair has changed a lot over time. There is no telling really, so enjoy the ride!
    i so agree with this.

    i have been natural for a good while. i transitioned thru my relaxer (altho i didn't know the technical term was transitioning). i had locs for years. then i shaved my head. my hair was straight as it grew out from being bald. then i got waves. then i got curls after i got a little length.
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    Thanks everyone! I'll try to just enjoy the ride and will be back with more questions as my hair continues to grow and change!

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