Inverted Bobs

I know this is a topic already but I have a question. I have a very obvious heart shaped face and a big old forehead *my entire head is large* and I want a bob but I think I've been getting them too short. I'd like to try a inverted bob at a angle that's not too sharp kind of like this

does anyone else have a longer bob like this and if so how did it turn out. Thanks!


  • romigjamromigjam Registered Users Posts: 219
    this is also called an a-line bob, and I used to love these. It was easy to go from straight to curly if it was the right length. I don't love them anymore just because it was a cut that looks better straight (on me) so I would always straighten it, and my hair is THICK so it was a hassle.

    but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a change and wants their hair to look nice and sophisticated.

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