KBB, Curl Junkie, Curls, CHS - plus FREE HE or Giovanni

LyonsCurlLyonsCurl Registered Users Posts: 22
Hi Curlies!

Trying to clean out my bathroom cupboard, so I have some items for sale or swap.


Quenched Curls Moisturizer 8oz (just under half-full)

Curls Gel-les'C 8oz (just over half full)

Karen's Body Beautiful:

Hair Nectar 8oz - Vanilla Latte scent (95% full)

Curly Hair Solutions:

6 - roller jaw clamps, white, UNUSED

Curl Junkie:

Coffee Coco Curl Creme 4oz (half full, maybe slightly under)
$6 GONE!

For anyone interested in trying Giovanni's 50:50 Balanced Hair Remoisturizer, I will include the remainder of a 250mL bottle, approx 1/3 full, free with any other purchase/swap from this list. The same offer applies to HE Totally Twisted Mousse (used twice) and HE Toussle Me Softly Mousse (used once).

Some items I am looking for to swap:

Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade & Juice and Berries
Jessicurl Too Shea & Awe-Inspiraling Spray
Mop Top Anti-Frizz Gel
Curls Like Us Curl Cloth(s)
Deva Clips - I don't need a whole set, just 4-6 of them. FOUND!

Cross-posted to the Canadian board.

Thanks for looking! If you don't like my pricing, PM me with an offer!


  • NicaCurlsNicaCurls Registered Users Posts: 164
    Is postage included in these prices?
    Pacific Northwest 3a/3b, medium all across the board, possibly porous.

    Low-Poo: Trader Joe's Refresh
    Co-wash: V05 Tea Therapy Chamomile, Giovanni TTTT
    Rinse-out: GVP Conditioning Balm, Yes to Tomatoes, EO Chamomile & Honey
    Leave-in: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, Sonoma Soap Company First Crush
    Deep Treatment: Jessicurl WDT
    Gels: BRHG, Biotera
    Stylers/Mousses: Komaza Coconut Pudding, Curls Goddess Glaze
  • LyonsCurlLyonsCurl Registered Users Posts: 22
    I'm shipping from Canada, so it depends on your location but I'm always happy to work out something that works for both of us - PM me, I'm sure we can figure something out.

  • LyonsCurlLyonsCurl Registered Users Posts: 22

    If you don't like my pricing, or have something to offer that isn't on my wanted list, PM me with your offer!
  • hauptajhauptaj Registered Users Posts: 122
    pm'd you
    co-wash: Kirkland (Costco) Hydrating Conditioner
    low-poo: DevaCurl Low-Poo
    conditioner: Giovanni Deeper Moisture Smooth as Silk
    leave-in: Giovanni Direct Leave in
    styling: Botticelli Botanicals FSG, FOTE Aloe Vera Gel, Pink Boots, Batia & Aleeza Bio-Herbal Mineral Sculpting Gel, CHS Tweek, Curlisto Unruly Paste
    Fine to normal texture with normal porosity
    password: curly

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