After Cut..3C to 3B-3C Mix

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I just cut my daughter's hair. She is 6 years old and this is the first time she has ever had her hair cut. From this site, I have learned so much..THANKS! But, what has been interesting, is that I have discovered that she is not a straight 3C, but now a 50-50 3C and 3B. Cutting all of those dry ends (about 6 inches) really made a difference in her hair. Her hair is still very long (several inches past her shoulders, but the texture really through me for a loop. I won't wait another 6 years to cut her hair!

Also, the "Teri Method" was a disaster for her hair. That is what started me to cutting her hair. It became duller and duller the more I used the method. Now, it is all about a pre-condition or warm coconut oil, Jane Carter products, Jojaba oil and yes, Cantu Shea butter which I mix the Jojaba with to braid her hair. Much better than "twists" for her hair. Her hair has never been shinier, easier to manage and just looks so much better.


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    I wish you could post before and after pictures. My daughter is 9 and I think she is a 3c/4b but i am thinking that she may need an aggressive trim. She has NEVER had her ends cut or even trimmed. She wad a platinum blond (75%) when she was 5 or 6. Now her hair is dark brown with auburn mix. I realize that the blond came from extensive swimming in hydrogen peroxide treated pool. So I am thinking that her 3b hair of 4 years ago changing to a 3c/4b hair of today may have a lot to do with damaged frayed ends. It tangles so easily into KNOTS and just rips without much effort at all.

    I would love to see your pics because I sm considering taking her to pro for a big cut. Hair when wet and stretched is waist band length.
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    I’ve had the same experience when I was a child. I got my first hair cut at 9 and I went from thirsty and strawlike 3B-C curls to 2C or maybe 3A silky wavy hair after the cut.
    I guess the damaged gived them another texture.

    But my hair has continued to change, when I was a teenager, I had dense and almost kinky 3C curls with a lot of ringlets all over (that I miss so much) and now I’ve soft 3B curls.
    I hope the evolution will stop here, now that know my hair, my products routine, etc...
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    I will make a Fotki page this weekend and show the difference between her hair Before Cut and After Cut. I have tons of pics of her when she was a "straight up 3C".

    I loved those curls!! She has HUGE and BIG HAIR. But, she needed a serious cut and shape. I "prayed" over the scissors, re-read cutting textured hair and went to work. She still has some of her "old hair" on the ends, but her texture has changed dramatically. My husband is Caucasian and has wavy hair and her hair is about 70% like his now and then the rest is some sort of mixture. It is silky, long, stretched out S-types of curls. The day after I cut her hair, we went out to eat at one of our usual haunts and the regulars there. The change is very noticable. You with the I left a several inches of her old hair and you can feel the texture change. I was talking to my mom in law and she said my husband was blonde and curly up until her was 13. Now, he is brown and wavy, so it is not unusual I suppose...
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    I am so missing my Lil Diva's BIG HAIR! It was so cute..and everyone remarked on her beautiful, reddish brown curls..It was a "beautiful" challenge with her hair because she is so active.

    You hairstory sounds like what her hair is going through. We went candlepin bowling over the weekend and I kept looking at her and she looks like a different child. I kept looking at this wavy, silky hair from the back and it was surreal because I a used to her big, Rachel True/Cree Summer funky do. One of the pics I will be posting on the Fotki is of her on a horse with a riding helmet on and all those curls under it. That was just this past summer.

    Your hairstory gives me much insight as to what may be down the line. Your hair is beautiful btw!!

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