3b Natural curly with Straight down from the Crown. Suggestions?

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Hey everyone. Been coming here for a few years. Went no poo. Now mostly CO. Anyway...that's incidental.

My issue is this...

I 3b curls are only the top layer from the crown up. The hair on my head is all one length, but the underneath sections are bone straight. Obviously the curly part shrinks up shorter than the straight. The texture is fine/thin on both. The legnhth difference when dry is 3 to 4 inches. ugh! In my pic(icon) you can see my curl, but the straight is much longer now. Past my shoulders.:help:

I have lived with it for years. I used to get the straight part curled to match, but since I move to LA(10 yrs. ago) I lost my hairdresser who is the only person that could match the curls exactly.

I am not ready to relax my hair so it is all straight. I don't want to do the damage and don't want the fuss of curling it all the time so it doesn't just hang there.

I have considered finding someone good here in LA to do the spiral curls. But who? where? Went to one of the curly salons and they looked at me like I had two heads.

I have also considered getting a looser big curl perm to soften the look.

I'm confused about what to try next. Ideas? Suggestions?


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    I think your hair should be layer, because the weight of your hair is weighing it down. Curly hair needs to get the weight taken off, even if your hair is fine. My hair dresser told me that no curly hair should be one length. She is trained internationally, and is very good. I do not live anywhere nere you to give suggestion on a good hairdresser. I would check out the salon reviews on this site. I no how frustrating that is, because I was in the same situation.
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