Do you use a Leave-In with your Flax Seed Gel?

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If yes, what type of LI works best for you? How much do you apply? I'm back on an FSG kick, but this time I've only used it over the LI. I think I'll experiment with it as my only product on a day I don't have to leave the house, lol...I'd love to know what works for you...? TIA... :)


  • janeylizjaneyliz Registered Users Posts: 777
    I get better curl definition with a leave-in under FSG and it counteracts any dryness from the mag sulphate.

    I use either AOHR or Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine, both of which are quite rich. I've also used Lustrasilk shea and mango, but I've found I can't use it all the time as my hair gets overconditioned.

    How much do I apply.....about 3 x 50p sized blobs.
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    Always use a leave-in :glasses1:
    Giovanni Direct and Aura Almond Cherry Bark are my favorites, I smooth slightly more than a pea-sized amount through my hair in the shower.
    Also, I've been using FSG as my only styler for awhile now, and it works great when I scrunch more in when my hair is damp, after plopping. (I cut my own hair)
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    CGF, I'm not sure how germane this is. I'm using "heavier" leave ins with jelly type products right now with great success. But our dewpoint was -4 yesterday. I don't think you get that kind of weather in FL!
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    Thanks for the replies :). I do think I probably need to use a leave-in to keep from being to "fluffy". I guess some of the ones I have with heavier oil content are slightly less compatible with the FSG than the creamier types of LI. Today I washed with, rinsed out and left in Lustrasilk Organic Cholesterol w/Argan Oil (my hair likes this stuff!)...just that and my FSG...My hair has really great body and shine! It isn't super curl-defined, though, so maybe I need something a little heavier. I appreciate the input.
  • misspammisspam Registered Users Posts: 5,318
    Curly Girl Fla - I just wanted to say that seeing your post yesterday inspired me to whip up a batch of FSG - something I haven't done for many months. I forgot how much my hair loves this. Thank you! :sunny:

    As a leave-in, I used [buylink=]Jessicurl WDT[/buylink]. I would also try CJ Curl Rehab, maybe even [buylink=]Aloeba[/buylink].

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