Deva cut for thin hair?

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I have been cutting my own hair for a few years after having many many super bad horrid awful stupid-looking cuts by "curl specialists". I do not really know what I am doing but my hair looks far better when I cut it but I am not totally liking it . The problem is I had the most awesome cut years back by a student I have no way of tracking down. I used to have his teacher cut my hair but he was not nearly as good and not worth paying $90 for just a fairly okay job. I am thinking of trying a Deva cut....would they know what to do for my "scalpy" thin hair?
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    I think it depends on the person.

    I went to a regular Deva Cut person and she was eh. When I had Tiffany cut it she did an awesome job.

    I think its entirely possible a good Deva stylist (who had more training than a 1 day seminar!) would do a great job on your hair. I think the trick is to find one!

    I don't know how much help that is. I'm still looking myself for someone who can actually cut my hair locally without straightening it or blowing it out.

    Strangely I've found a great curly cut = my hair looks crappy when straight

    Same with a great straight cut = crappy when curly

    That's just my experience though.

    You could try asking on the salon's and stylists thread to see if anyone has a recommendation.

    I just trimmed my own last week. Not the best job and I'm not super happy with it so I think I'll need to find someone quick too!
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    If you find someone Deva-trained, can you go to the salon to try see the type of cutting/styling they do on others and see if you can get just a consultation for yourself? I know that's easier said than done.
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    Good ideas; thanks! I will make sure they have had more than a one day training and try to get a consultation. I have had so many bad cuts you would think eventually I would find a great stylist. I would like to find photos of real, natural thin 3a shoulder length hair to bring but I have only found one so far. I may bring a photo of a really bad cut of mine and tell them not to do that!
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    That's what I do heather. I always try to explain what I like about my hair, and what I don't like. Like my current stylist knows I hate the shape of my head so I like a cut that balances it out!

    Tiffany did a great job with my hair and she evened it out nicely. It was like magic watching her work on CurlyGirlFl's hair.
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    Heather - I'm in a similar situation. I just never feel like I've gotten an awesome haircut. I just had a Devacut (I think, lol)... he just kinda cut it dry and then it ended up uneven because the left side of my head isn't as curly as the right side. I thought the whole point of a Devacut is to see how the hair falls/is dry so it can be cut properly. I also think I'm a little triangly.

    Anyways - I went back to him and had him fix the left side. Next time I'll remind him that the left side isn't as curly and see if he can add a few more layers so I'm not so triangly. Maybe a few layers will lift the hair in the back of my head off my scalp a little bit, sometimes it get flat and shows through.

    I think that if you find a stylist that's Deva trained it definitely helps. If you find that it's not working out for you, you can always call and go in and have them fix a few things.
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    Goobernut.. are you going to Tiffany Anderson in St Pete?? Just wondering b/c I heard that she is like the best at cutting curly hair in Florida and was thinking about making the drive from Brandon over there to try her out! Let me know!
  • Robin-in-FLRobin-in-FL Registered Users Posts: 1,731 Curl Neophyte
    I'm not Goobernut but I drive from Tampa to Tiffany in St. Pete and yes she really is that good.

    She cuts my hair and my daughter's, we are very different hair types and she does not treat them the same.

    I think because she sees so much wavy/curly hair she is very intuitive about what works for each person, and the cuts come out great.

    I highly recommend her.

    And for the original poster, my daughter's hair is fine and thin (though not super-fine or super-thin) and the Deva style cut works extremely well for her. I think as long as it's thick enough to have layers, it would be good.
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  • cleanteeth68cleanteeth68 Valrico FloridaRegistered Users Posts: 49
    Thanks Robin-in-Florida!! I have an appt with Tiffany in a couple of weeks and am so nervous.. I guess I shouldn't be with all her great reviews!! I've just had some horrible "curly" cuts by "curly" specialists! I'm driving from Brandon so it's a trek for me too.. My daughter has curly hair too so we may end up doing the mother/daughter thing too!!
  • xcptnlxcptnl Central MassachusettsRegistered Users Posts: 15,678 Curl Connoisseur
    I feel your pain HeatherOkay. To be honest I think stylists have a tough time with fine/thin density curly hair. I have had a couple of good Deva cuts and a couple of not so good ones. The one stylist I really liked changed salons and when she did I felt she was getting pushed to not take the time she used to be able to at her prior salon (she went from a smaller town in western Massachusetts to Boston and I think that salon was not tolerant of the time it could take to do a deva cut). So I ended back on the stylist hunt.

    A couple of the deva cuts I have had they tried the full on deva procedure, putting on tons of product, clipping etc and I ended up with so much scalp showing I wanted to cry.

    Currently my stylist is a deva trained but she cuts my hair wet. With my fine hair she can get a more precise cut that way and I need any layers to be very close together or my hair ends up looking too thin. So, overall, I am happy.

    I am not much help other than totally understanding your concerns.
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