I haven't straightened my hair in ____________________(fill in the blank)...



  • CrystalRainCrystalRain Posts: 170Registered Users
    Er, never. :P
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  • emeraldgirl93emeraldgirl93 Posts: 13Registered Users
    Hmm I haven't straighten my hair since homecoming in october so about 4 months. I love my hair straight but it refuses to stay straight. I had it professionally flat ironed at a salon for my homecoming in the morning and by the time i was ready to go to homecoming i had to touch up a couple of places myself. It's not worth it to try and get my hair to stay straight.
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  • KalimbaJakenjuwhaKalimbaJakenjuwha Posts: 8Registered Users
    probably one month I guess?:blob:
  • vannessavannessa Posts: 31Registered Users
    I straightened mine yesterday
    just for a change :)
  • ElithiaElithia Posts: 297Registered Users
    It's been two years. At the time it was crazy long and took between two and three hours. :P

    One of my friends wanted to do it last weekend but we didn't. I kinda don't want to because the current hair on my head has NEVER BEEN STRAIGHTENED. Or shampooed. Or brushed. Which is crazy.
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  • krm0789krm0789 Posts: 34Registered Users
    Well it was 7 months, but then I ran out of time, needed it to look good for an event, & caved. I also brushed it while blowdrying... over a week later & I'm still paying for that mistake! :(
  • tinymandolintinymandolin Posts: 157Registered Users
    I straightened my hair the past two days :-( I just was having bad hair days left and right and knew my hair would look good if it was flat-ironed... but now I'm wondering if it was worth it because when I diffused my hair this morning it just fell all flat. Blahhh!

    Also, I'm 22, didn't realize this was in the teen forum, haha!
  • CurlyPolkaDotCurlyPolkaDot Posts: 1,174Registered Users
    ummm.....yesterday?? BUT IT WAS CURLED <---I know doesn't make sense since im already curly........

    SO...not all off the hairs on my head have been curled/straightened since I got it cut yesterday.....
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  • HateRelationshipHateRelationship Posts: 100Registered Users
    Two weeks! Since it's winter I have to wet my hair every morning if I want to wear it curly, and that's freezing! So I usually just flat iron it. ):
    I'm growing my hair from chin length to mid-thigh length!
  • Curltastic7Curltastic7 Posts: 24Registered Users
    It's been a year! Takes waaaaaaay too long
    3b-3c curls
    Learning to love my wildly huge curly hair!
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  • karenflrzkarenflrz Posts: 1Registered Users
    Almost a year, It just takes too long!! I also do not want to pay $40 to straighten my hair, so it won't even last a day, my hair is so difficult.
  • EvangeliniaEvangelinia Posts: 30Registered Users
    I straighten when all the products I use flatten all my curls. I either just straighten it to get it over with and then wash my hair when the curls slowly pop up again

    OR I'll take some Olive Root Stimulator's Wrap Set Mousse, put some in my hair, wrap my hair in a doobie, tie a silk scarf around my head and hit the sack.

    In the morning, my hair is perfectly straight, soft, and full of volume :)
    Me above. 2c/3a (Usually 3A)
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    in other words, I used everything up&don't have the $ to supplement my hair)
  • carlyisapiratecarlyisapirate Posts: 59Registered Users
    three to four months! It's so nice when it's straight :)
  • PeaceLoveClairePeaceLoveClaire Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hmmm.. it's been about 2 days:?
  • cypriotchickcypriotchick Posts: 8Registered Users
    its been almost 4months at my year 10 formal, i only ever straighten it maximum 3-4 times a year. the only thing i like about my hair when its straight is how thin it is otherwise i prefer my curls.:walk:
  • earlybirdiecurlsearlybirdiecurls Posts: 87Registered Users
    I think it's been 3 weeks to a month. I don't remember the exact amount of time though.
    mod cg since feb. 18th, 2010 :toothy10:
    2b/2c, pretty porous and slightly elastic.
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  • my clone my clone Posts: 24Registered Users
    I have never straightened my hair. My hair is extremely fragile and thin, and initially, I was afraid to straighten it in case it got thinner or brittle. If I ever did even contemplate straightening it, my parents thoroughly discouraged me. And now, I don't want to straighten it anyway. I don't believe I'd straighten it in the future either :)
  • sevendaiissevendaiis Posts: 54Registered Users
    Just over 3 weeks! I used to straighten my hair every other day, but now I'm happy to embrace my natural curls! :happy7:
    2c-3a :clown:
    Last straighten: 27th Febuary 2010
    Curly Since: 18th March 2010 (second time around)
    Trying CG (properly) soon. Last year's attempt failed, provoking straightening.
    I love Ballet! <3
  • rachelilyrachelily Posts: 340Registered Users
    Three weeks now! But this whole quarter at school has been very minimal straightening, once a week max. And I forsee much less in the future.

    Also coming from a girl who used to straighten every day. I really want to straighten it cause I just got it cut and I want to see how it looks (mostly for length) but I am trying to resist.

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  • veezorveezor Posts: 42Registered Users
    Well, when I was a kid my mom or dad would blow out my hair straight, so we never used heating tools.
    But I've been curious a few times, but I can honestly say I can count the times I've straightened my hair on one hand! Haven't gotten curious lately. Maybe the last time was a yearish ago?
  • alaskantsunamialaskantsunami Posts: 421Registered Users
    Two weeks.
    2C and all the 3s, iii, F, natural brunette.
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  • Lil'curlsLil'curls Posts: 275Registered Users
    One year atm. The little counter in my signature also is for flat ironing-I shampooed and flat ironed on the same day.
    Teenage curly with 3a-3b course curls
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  • GirlWithUkuleleGirlWithUkulele Posts: 150Registered Users
    If I hadn't bought a straightener in December, I'd be able to say "never." I just finally gave in to the "trend" of straight hair, and this was, like, a week before I heard of CG. A waste of money (It's a decent one, but doesn't get it pin-straight like a CHI probably would), plus it takes forever. I never have time to section.
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  • YeliAngelYeliAngel Posts: 9Registered Users
    I straightened mine last Thrusday, and that was the day I decided that my hair needed a break from my constant heat damage to it.
  • roccalumeraroccalumera Posts: 51Registered Users
    I have never straighten my hair thanks to my mom who didn't want to bought me a flat iron! :D
    3a/b fine, ii, normal porosity I think...:geek:

    Full CG start
    Growing out....again:sad2:

    now: chin lentgh
    shoulder lentgh

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  • starbubblestarbubble Posts: 10Registered Users
    I haven't straightened my hair in like 2 weeks. I usually straighten everyday, but now i am trying to stop.
    Type 3a ☺☺☺
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  • smo6767smo6767 Posts: 409Registered Users
    four hours. and i'm doing it again tonight.
  • babygirl102992babygirl102992 Posts: 9Registered Users
    My straightner broke so it's been about 2 weeks i think... Idk wat to with it now lol :color:
  • caitlin312caitlin312 Posts: 2Registered Users
    It's been 5 months for me. Before that I went 13 months.
  • oovuuoovuu Posts: 22Registered Users
    Two months :3
    2A/B, low to normal elasticity. curly girl forever~
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