I haven't straightened my hair in ____________________(fill in the blank)...

vannessavannessa Posts: 31Registered Users
For me it's been 2 months. I had gone 5 months without straightening my hair, but I "had" to straighten it for my for my birthday =(.
This coming from a girl, who used to straightened out her hair every other day.

So, how long have you gone without straightening your hair?


  • lldm2lldm2 Posts: 173Registered Users
    Early December
    But I plan on straightening it soon x]

  • kinkycurlycutiekinkycurlycutie Posts: 40Registered Users
    3 months but I'm planning on straightening my hair for new years
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  • SpeedGoddessSpeedGoddess Posts: 118Registered Users
    over 2 years!
    Hair type: 3B

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  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    10 months! I kind of want to flat iron it just to see, but i need to trim some more, but then I'll want it longer so maybe for a special occasion in may, and then by may it will be over a year! WOW my younger self would never see this day. amazing!
  • vannessavannessa Posts: 31Registered Users
    I wanna straighten out my hair for new years!! But I don't think I'm going to; I'm too lazy to straighten it out now, I got used to not doing it.

    Yeah, I like my curly hair now :)
  • kenzie!kenzie! Posts: 5,055Registered Users
    A week :glasses8:. I got all my hair cut off, and my wurls hate being abovee my shoulders. The only time it stays curly now is if its in a pony/pigtails/french braided piggies....and my bangs get straightened every day.
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  • LeeeahLeeeah Posts: 58Registered Users
    One day... Straightened for New Year's Eve party.. :disgust: Oh well! Still pretty healthy..
  • nanachannanachan Posts: 110Registered Users
    about 4+ years :occasion7:
    my dad one night bought me the curly girl book, and the next morning i threw out my straightener and blow drier. never looked back :]
    my hair loves::love7:
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  • millymollymoomillymollymoo Posts: 27Registered Users
    15 and never managed to straighten it.
    i broke my straighteners.
    my friends spent 2hrs trying to do my hair, it just fuzzed and went curly in 10 mins.
    ghds dont work.
    straight isn't an option for this curly.
  • ArmyofWavesArmyofWaves Posts: 53Registered Users
    About a month. It would be 6, but my class kept bugging me, so I straightened it.

    I hated it.

    Everyone likes it better wavy, too, which is cool.
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    going back to Lush after.

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    My realistic goal is to get to Midback by christmas. :)
  • wmvbugwmvbug Posts: 43Registered Users
    3 months. Prior to that about a year. I straightened it after a constant plea from classmates. It looked like crud because my sister borrowed my straightner and left it down south at my other sisters apartment (yeah) so i had to borrow her crummy one. I'm over straightening my hair though and gave my straightener to my sister to keep.
    3b hair

    Started CG July 29th 2009!

  • notyouraveragecurlnotyouraveragecurl Posts: 193Registered Users
    Oh God...um...I wanna say it's been ten months...? I did it to see the length and it was a very weird experience. I didn't really feel like myself.

    Plus, my s/o forbade me to do it again. :lol:

    I'm okay with it. :happy7:
    There is a phenomenal amount of beauty in self-acceptance. <3
  • lodylody Posts: 334Registered Users
    Around 4 years, people have straightened my hair twice in my life (once around 16 and once around 13) and all they did was make it sort of wavy and fuzzy, not straight. Other than that, that's it. My hair is very resistant to straightening, I couldn't even straighten my bangs.
    But uh, I'm an impostor >.> I'm 20, not a teen anymore!
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  • S for SuccessS for Success Posts: 32Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    3 months!
  • kendra495kendra495 Posts: 11Registered Users
    about a month...last time I did I burned myself. I think that was my hairs way of saying "put the flat iron down and step away slowly."
  • curlybeautycurlybeauty Posts: 81Registered Users
    I haven't straightened my hair in ten months. :)

  • eli_extasyeli_extasy Posts: 16Registered Users
    Like in 5 months. I usually don't straighten hair anymore I'm kinda into that New Age organic hippy thing now haha.
  • Dwaeji-TokkiDwaeji-Tokki Posts: 172Registered Users
    I just straightened mine today. I havent in two months till today, but I dont like to anyway.
  • Kim:)Kim:) Posts: 22Registered Users
    About 2 months, I usually only straighten it twice a year. ;) I don't do it for special occasions, because then it feels like I'm sending out the message that my curls can't be formal or special...maybe that's just me. I do it randomly when I feel like something different, but it only lasts four or five hours before it's gets all poofy! :laughing6:
  • vannessavannessa Posts: 31Registered Users
    It's that some you have said you only straightened it because of your classmates because that's what happened to me. I told my friends, I wasn't gonna straighted it anymore, and they kept bugging me to straighten it because it looks so pretty straight. But I like it curly now, I got so used it. Once in a while it's good for change, but curly is the best!

    p.s. Lody I'm in impostor too. I'm also 20.
  • RockTheCurlsRockTheCurls Posts: 4Registered Users
    It has been one month since I last straightened my hair :). I plan on never straightening my hair again because I look way better with my natural hair then with straightened hair.
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  • angiekayangiekay Posts: 137Registered Users
    I wanna say about 10-11 months, I have a Sedu straightener, and used it religiously for a long, long time, doing some really bad damage to my hair, it's been sooooo much better, softer, and less broken!!!! lol
  • SandiSandi Posts: 364Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I haven't straightened my hair in 2 years. Because I have so much hair, it's so much of a hassle to straighten it. The hassle to straightens outweighs the urges of other people to straighten it, thus I don't straighten it. :)

    In other words, I'm too lazy to straighten.
    Hair Type: 3c/4a, Coarse, Med-High Density, Med-Low Porosity
    Curly since '09
  • multiracialcurls89multiracialcurls89 Posts: 204Registered Users
    Five months! :D
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  • GottaLoveCurlyGottaLoveCurly Posts: 56Registered Users
    10 months!
    After a frightening experience concerning my hair falling out, I removed the straightener from my life and refuse to turn back to it. I love my curly hair, no matter how stubborn it is!
    Embracing my curls!
    Type of Hair: 2b/3a
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  • raynebowraynebow Posts: 2Registered Users
    I have gone 4 months without straightening my hair!
    I made the biggest mistake of my life last May and cut off my long beautiful hair!
    So I mostly quit straightening it cuz it was to short and I couldnt straighten it without burning myself.
    Now I just love my naturally wavy hair and I cant wait for it too grow back
  • flutricityflutricity Posts: 29Registered Users
    not since august, you do the math =)
    i've gotten to the point where i really don't like it straight anymore, although i know i will again in the future. maybe during a busy week so i don't have to worry about it =)
    CG 8/21/09
    3b/c, mostly fine, low porosity?
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    gel: FSG

    I love my hair even if other people don't.
  • CurlyFreakx3CurlyFreakx3 Posts: 38Registered Users
    I actually flat ironed it in the beginning of January and just washed my hair today so its back to its crazy curliness.

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  • SpiralliSpiralli Posts: 3,682Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    20+ years. I last chemically straightened in college, and I haven't tried to blow-dry it straight or flat-iron since then either.
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  • ShellyBeeShellyBee Posts: 67Registered Users
    its been 7 months.
    but i plan on straightening it in february.
    **colored, shoulder length unstretched**
    last relaxer: January 26, 2009
    natural since: March 26, 2010
    transitioned for: 14 months
    4a/3c/3b; 16 & loving the natural me
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