Confused ? Brittle yet Strong Hair . Dont Know what to do anymore !

I have always had medium to long hair since I was young and when I was relaxed I've been natural since the end of the 7th grade and was relaxed in the 3rd or 4th grade and I am now a senior in high school . And the first few years as a natural my hair was strong and thick ... now it seems weak and not as thick. My hair grows pretty quick, but it doesnt seem as healthy. I got a trim last week and my mom cut all the split ends and now they are back, they're little but they're back . I have been considering taking vitamin b-complex pills and gnc nourishair for the growth and the vitamin b to make my hair stronger. Any other suggestions ? Should I go back to being CG and strictly co-washing . :?:
Slightly layered
APL when stretched
About 1-2 inches under neck when wet

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  • PreciousHoneyPreciousHoney Registered Users Posts: 254
    Maybe you are protien sensitive?

    Whats your routine now?
    Precious Honey :)
    3c with some 3b at the bottom.
    Im lovin HENNA
    Light protein use

    Co-wash: Suave Daily Clarifying Co
    Rinse-out: Back to Basics Pom Peach (old bottle) or GVP Conditioning Balm
    DT: GVP Condidtioning Balm with heat
    Leave in: Elucence MBC
    Gel: HEBE or Aussie Instant Freeze gel.
    Shampoo: Elucence Moisture Balance

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