Mixing Condish- Thoughts?

So I recently bought some Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Condish. I used it yesterday and even though I used a little too much, I had great results until I spent a couple hours in the cold morning air and pretty low dewpoint for me.
So I decided this morning to use my GVP balm instead because the GFTN has glycerin pretty high on the ingredient list, and the GVP has more emolients. So I used a fair amount of condish and then my regular LA Looks gel. I plopped for about 10/15 minutes and began to diffuse. As I started diffusing I could tell right away that I was going to be a frizzy mess so I just put my hair up and stormed of (lol). It seems like the GVP isn't really heavy enough for me but the GFTN is. So since they both posess different qualities, i.e. humectants vs. emolients, I'm wondering if I can mix the two in my hand to create some wonder-condish that will give me beautiful curls and possible bring about world peace.:sunny:

Has anyone ever tried anything like this? How did it work out? I am just a little skiddish because yesterday the GFTN and my gel gave me cottage cheese. I want to try tomorrow but it's New Years Eve and I want to have good hair- but I only have one shot to do it- in the morning.

LMK what you guys think! TIA
cowash: White Rain Coconut
rinse out: Deva One Condition
leave-in: Giovanni 50:50 b/h
stylers: homemade :love4: fsg, pantene volume gel

3a, coarse, low porosity

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