Kathy Lee and Hoda Show Today and Straightening Nice Curly Hair

curlykoolcurlykool Registered Users Posts: 11
I was watching Kathy Lee and Hoda today and they were doing hair makeovers and they plucked a woman with full, lively curls off the street and blew her hair out straight. When they described the new look the stylist said she is now so much prettier and her hair no longer looks like a hat!! I am so fed up of these anti-curly messages!! How are we supposed to feel good about our hair with these frequent negative messages?! I still find it ironic that in the 80s so many people thought I was lucky to have naturally curly hair. It just proves that people are influenced by trends and the media.


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    Oh, good -- another reason to hate Kathy Lee. Not like I needed one......

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  • Curlz a HotMessCurlz a HotMess Registered Users Posts: 268
    Oh, good -- another reason to hate Kathy Lee. Not like I needed one......

    haha:), I agree, even I'M not that snarky in the morning...
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    Ugh! Im coming out of lurkerdom just to comment. I thought she had the most amazing curls! Her hair might have needed a new cut just to give it some shape, but the stylists just decided to take the easy way out and straighten it. I had to laugh when he he said that she could wear it curly now too, with the straight cut he gave her, no way. I can only imagine how frustrated she's going to be when she tries to do her hair on her own. Poor lady :?
  • curlykoolcurlykool Registered Users Posts: 11
    Curlyz you are right about the difficulty she is going to have styling her own hair. It looks like she and all the makeover subjects were given precision haircuts that are meant for those with straight hair. The straight blowout and color change was good for dramatic effect but not for a naturally curly haired person. I guess she will have to either permanently relax her hair or grow it out. I feel bad for her.
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    How is "Hoda" pronounced? Is it with a long "o"?

    I've always wondered.
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    Ninja I am pretty sure it is a long o.
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    I also saw this show and when I saw the makeover candidate I was excited to see how they would style the woman's beautiful curls. Her hair was pretty darn good before the "Make Over". But, as you know the makeover was horrible. :cry: I was also disgusted and emailed the show complaining about the makeUNDER. I thought her curly hair made her look younger. The straight hair style just made her look like everyone else. Also, it looked like they really cut it badly such that if she decided to wear it curly - who knows how it would look.

    I actually like Kathie Lee and Hoda. Didn't like this segment.
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    What is the post above? Weird. I shouldn't have opened it - be careful it might be a virus.
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    I didn't see the segment discussed here, but while searching for it I did find a different clip in which they show three curly makeovers, all keeping the curl and showing how to use product and style it.

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