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I am finally embracing my curls after 22 years.
I have worn my hair up for most of my life, I know.. pretty boring right?
But I finally made the decision to wear it down naturlly. I was so sick of wondering if people would make fun of my hair, or wondering if it looked bad. Why should I be scared of my hair.. thats so silly. And, I am looking forward to standing out, and just being happy with the way I am.


  • briccagrlbriccagrl Registered Users Posts: 540
    Let those curls be free!!! Welcome :D You've come to the right place. Im sure you'll find lots of great info for taking care of those curls
  • curlykelly1curlykelly1 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thank you!
    They are free... and I love it. Its actually such a relief that I know I dont have to put it up everyday. What a drag that is. No one should be ashamed for what they are given.. glad I finally learned that lesson.

    I too, am a 3C :o
  • briccagrlbriccagrl Registered Users Posts: 540
    For YEARS I wore my hair up daily....no I am learning to love my curls and wearing them down more often. I still wear my hair up more than I should...but I am certainly getting better about it.

    Oh by the way..if you havent seen this link it is very helpful as far as reading the boards....helps with all the Curly lingo :)

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