Which BreastPump did you have

deedlesdeedles Registered Users Posts: 2,467 Curl Connoisseur
Medela? Ameda? Avent?

if this topic has been brought up before (heck could have been by me.. who knows I have preggers brain)

I want something electric.. even though I am not going back to work.... cause I think manuals are harder to use? am I right??

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  • NalliaNallia Registered Users Posts: 2,979
    I had a Medela PIS and an Avent Isis manual. I only used the Avent pump once because the PIS was much easier for me to use.
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  • deezee02deezee02 Registered Users Posts: 1,509
    I have a medela PIS.

    I got it with Steven when I EP, and use it with Callie too.

    Although, I think it has been over 3 weeks since I have pumped. I was going to pump while I am in class (tues/thurs from 10:30-2) but I think I am going to just feed her right before and right after and then we will do one meal of solids at noon for her lunch (she is already showing interest in baby-led solids) so I do not have to worry about it.

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  • LoloDSMLoloDSM Registered Users Posts: 3,778
    I think I had the Medela PIS also. Is that the electric one with two attachment thingies? I loved it and Medela's customer service. I broke mine when I dropped it and Medela replaced it for free by shipping me a new one in 24 hours.
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  • DarkAngelDarkAngel Registered Users Posts: 2,671 Curl Neophyte
    I have three. All Medela. A Lactina, a Pump in Style, and a Harmony. The Harmony is a hand pump. I like it for when I want to pump super quick and not worry about the hassle of one of the big ones. If you don't plan to pump often, it is a good pump for the money.

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  • mad scientistmad scientist Registered Users Posts: 3,530 Curl Neophyte
    I had 2 Amedas: the manual and the electric (Purely Yours).

    The PY was a hand-me-down so I didn't choose it, but I already had the tubing and valves and bottles because I had received the Ameda manual at the hospital. That was handy.

    I have no complaints about the PY and its quite a bit cheaper then the Medela. It worked well for my purposes. I was a SAHM but I pumped every morning for the first 6 months to be able to give some bottles of EBM.

  • PixieCurlPixieCurl Registered Users Posts: 5,656
    I got a Medela Single Deluxe when Solomon was tiny and I got mastitis, and my (former) OB gave me the bad advice to pump & dump from the affected side. It was fine and met my needs. I probably won't bother pumping much if at all this time. A manual is kind of annoying but a double electric is probably overkill if you'll be staying home. Unless money is no object, then a double electric will help you increase pumping output by stimulating both sides at once (you won't waste a letdown).
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  • cosmicflycosmicfly Registered Users Posts: 1,814
    I had a Medela PIS and an Avent Isis (hand pump). I actually think I got more milk from the Avent but used the PIS when I was working because I needed to be able to pump on both sides at once- time constraints. The Medela Harmony is a decent hand pump as well; the LC at the hospital when I had Maya gave me one of those. If you're not planning on pumping a lot, the Medela or Avent hand pump should be fine. If you're not sure and you'd like to invest in an electric pump, the PIS is what I have experience with and I didn't have any problems with it (other than my bf's puppy eating the tubing, but that's easily replaced at Target).
  • goldygoldy Registered Users Posts: 5,463 Curl Connoisseur
    I have the Medela Swing. It's so lightweight and compact (can easily fit in my bag -- if I want), and can operate on either batteries or plug-in. It comes with a small carrying case.
    I don't pump much, but have a teeny tiny stash in the freezer and will start pumping once I go back to work next week (but I will only need to pump once each day, since it's a 5 hour day).
    It's a single pump, so one side at a time -- which works well for us since A only nurses one side a session.
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  • geminigemini Registered Users Posts: 3,325
    Nallia wrote: »
    I had a Medela PIS and an Avent Isis manual. I only used the Avent pump once because the PIS was much easier for me to use.

    Same here, but I actually used the Avent for the times when I didn't want to deal with being plugged in. They were both good, effective pumps.
  • jeialeighjeialeigh Registered Users Posts: 3
    Ameda and loved it!!
  • Jenny CJenny C Registered Users Posts: 1,195
    I originally got the Advent Isis because I didn't think I'd really need a pump since I wasn't going back to work - but things didn't work out like I thought they would and I ended up exclusively pumping. I never even used it once.

    I got the Ameda Purely Yours and was very happy with it. I pumped several times a day for about 5 months.

    Then I lent it to a friend for a while, and used it a few times when I had #2.

    By the end I could tell it was starting to lose some of it's steam, but for the amount it was used I really can't complain.
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