tips for styling?

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not getting the results I want from DC products anymore? my hair loves honey and I am going to order some CJ honey butta. Here's my method let mew know if there is something I should change:
Wash DC no poo
Condish DC One C
Rinse rake in small amount of AOHR and two handfuls of DC Be-leave In before getting out of shower
Scrunch with t-shirt towel to stop dripping
Rake in gel (DC crunchy) and "place" pieces add clips in crown & let air dry
Scrunch out crunch

Hair feels rough and dry, frizz on ends. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
3B w/ some 3C
Normal porosity, medium texture, dense, high elasticity
Co-wash Suave Naturals Coconut
Deva Curl One Condition (DCOC)
Leave in DCOC
LA Looks Sport Gel #10
Homemade Version of DC Set It Free


  • RedMermaidRedMermaid Posts: 109Registered Users
    This is just a guess, but you may be taking out some much needed moisture when you scrunch after raking in your leave-in. I would try adding your gel too before scrunching to keep as much conditioner in the tips as possible.
    3a/b, med porosity
    CG as of 01/10
    CoWash: V05 Kiwi
    Cond: Burt's Bees Grapefruit and Sugar Beet
    DT: Lustrasilk Liquid Cholesterol
    Leave-in: Giovanni Direct Leave-in
    Styling: ECOgel
    Testing: using my rinse-out as a leave-in
    password: red

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