Korres skin care?

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Has anyone tried Korres skin care products?

Now that the cold winter weather has arrived my skin is now peeling and flaking like crazy and I can't get it under control. My regular PSF products combat the oilyness (and I have had the oil situation somewhat under control for months now) but the HA/emu or HA/jojoba oil that normally work wonderfully in the summer/spring/fall is just not cutting it. Now my skin is oily but dry and flaky all at the same time....yuck....I look horrible! I wasn't prepared at all for this.

I was reading on another message board and someone mentioned Korres yogurt products for oily but dehydrated skin, which sounds like my situation. I went ahead and ordered on an impulse - but just wondering if any of you have tried or heard of these products?

Any other product suggestions to combat winter skin will be welcomed too.....
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    Pond's regular cold cream (not the "light" kind) is non-comedogenic, and makes a great moisturizer for oily skin. Put it on, let it soak in for a minute, and wipe off the excess.
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    Ok, I received my Korres yogurt products a couple of days ago. I bought the $45 yogurt kit that contains a sample size cleanser, eye creme, yogurt moisturizer and yogurt mask. I searched for a discount code before ordering and found one for 30% plus free shipping if ordering directly from their site so the price for this kit wasn't bad at all (and I also found that Korres normally has nice freebies and discount codes if you join their page on facebook).

    So far I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the yogurt mask. I cleansed with PSF green tea cleanser and then applied the mask and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. When I rinsed it off in the shower it felt like my skin was brand new. Moisturized and the flakes were gone - but at the same time no oiliness....just awesomeness.

    The yogurt creme is also really nice so out of the kit - unless I start getting some strange breakouts or something - I think at least two of the products are keepers for the winter months anyway.
    2/b-2/c - I shampoo daily with non-sulfate shampoos - right now am *loving* L'Oreal Everpure shampoo and conditioner
    For styling: homemade flax seed gel, Curl Keeper, and/or KCCC
    Current favorite product: *KCCC*!!

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    I ordered a sample of their primer recently, as their products are free of parabens, silicones, mineral oil, etc. I will update with what I think of it. If the line is as good as you say and as I find out, I might have to get some more things because I'm trying to get everything I use daily (such as their makeup) to be free of preservatives, chemicals, etc. :-)
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    I purchased a couple of Korres products back in early January after reading some great reviews. I purchased the Wild Rose moisturizer and the Honey Thyme moisturizer and really like both of them equally well. I use them on my face, neck and chest. The Wild Rose had a light scent while the Honey Thyme had a stronger scent which smelled divine. I have oily to combo skin to sometimes dry in areas and both products provided just the right amount of moisture without leaving me oily. I would definitely repurchase these products and look forward to trying more Korres products in the future.
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    The thing I like about Korres body lotions is the powdery trace they leave on the skin. So far I have tried Vanilla Cinnamon and Cedar body lotions. They smell nice, although I think the almond body lotion smells better.

    I have also tried the pomegrenate facial gel-moisturizer for oily/combo skin. It was a little bit heavy for my face, but it had a divine smell. The matching facial scrub however, is very good, it leaves skin soft and shiny.
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