"Gels breaks/thins your hair"-Girls from school

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I was speaking to a couple girls from my school, and they said that Gel thinned their hair out, and their hair started breaking. I asked them how they kept their curls defined, and they said leave ins, and creams. I actually like gel, but if this is true, I wont use any gel then. Their hair ranged from 3a-4a. We obviously didn’t all have the same texture, but our techniques were the same. I didn’t ask them what kind of leave-ins they used, but I want defined curls, and the only way I thought I could achieve that, was by using Gels.

So the ladies who don’t use Gels. What are you using? I want soft defined curls, if that could be achieved with out gel, let me know how. :?:


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    Did you ever get the name of the gels that they had used that broke off their hair? There are some gels yes that are very drying and I could definitely see it causing breakage as a result, but all gels aren't alike. Some are very high in glycerin and actually will put lots of moisture into your hair as a result. So definitely don't think that you have to use only creams or leave-ins to get good looking curls. I use creams and leave-ins during the Fall/Winter Season and during the Spring/Summer Season I use creams, leave-ins, and gels.

    Everyones's hair is different so definitely don't feel that their suggestions speak for all curly girls hair, because they simply don't. So don't worry, just keep using what works for YOUR hair! :wink:
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