Sold - thank you!

buckeyebuckeye Registered Users Posts: 129
LOOC at least 90-95% full (only used a couple of times)
Shea Mango only used once

Just basically looking to recoup postage, so asking $6.00 for both...figured I'd put this out there in case there was someone who wanted to try this that couldn't get it locally...

Paypal only!

If you would be interested in a swap, I wouldn't mind getting some more TJ's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner - the closest TJ's is 45+ mins away...
:toothy7: on my CG journey since 10/31/09
**2-3ish mix/coarse/med-high porosity/v thick/graying, color treated
cleansers: CJ DF
co-wash: TJ TTT/Suave DC
rinse out/treatments: YTT/YTC/HSH Pumpkin/CJ CR/AO GPB
Stylers: homemade FSG/HETMS spray
:thumbleft: pixiecurl diffusing in winter, air drying in summer, Icequeen method, combing right before plopping
:thumbdown: glycerin, panthenol, heavy oils, diffusing in summer, Suave Cherry Blossom co, gel :(


  • willwork4curlswillwork4curls Registered Users Posts: 99 Curl Novice
    Is that $6.00 total or $6.00 plus postage?
    Thank you,
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Mod CG since 8/08 -was wavy, poufy, and difficult before CG. low-poo nearly every day/diffuse daily
    Low-poo-kevin murphy
    Rinse-out conditioners - kevin murphy
    Leave-in- kevin murphy bodyguard
    Curl Enhancers-kevin murphy, curly sexy hair, kccc
    Hold-kccc & brhg
  • juliewoojuliewoo Registered Users Posts: 88
    If Lisa doesn't end up purchasing this, I'd like to buy the Olive Oil conditioner ;-)
    2c-3a / fine / low porosity
    CG since 12/20/2009

    Currently using:
    Cleansing: Giovanni TTTT, SM Moisture Retention
    Rinse Outs: Giovanni 50:50
    Stylers: KCCC, KCKT, BRHG

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