Two-for-one special! TWINS!

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I've mentioned recently that I'm pregnant, but Surprise! IT'S TWINS!!

I found out that we were expecting at Thanksgiving. Then just a week ago I had my first ultrasound, and there were two distinct sacs with two little monsters growing inside!

It happened sooooo fast. We decided to stop using birth control in September, I had a period in October, then I was pregnant in November. We were super fertile. And doubly-fertile, too, no less!

As far as twins go, there's not a lot of history in our families, but DH has one aunt who has a set of fraternals. No one on my side at all has any multiples.

I am 10 weeks along now, and things are looking good. The doc said their growth was right on target for their gestational age; one is facing up and one is facing down, which is a good position; and being in two sacs makes it lower-risk than if they shared one, so I'm pretty stoked! They're set to be due mid-July 2010. Full term would be July 25th, but twins are pretty much guaranteed to come a week or two early (at least), so it'll probably be July 11th-18th.

Do any other curlies with multiples have advice to share? I am reallllly excited. I think that twins are just the coolest thing. When I was little I always wished I had a twin (I'm an only child), so I am super happy to get a set of my own!

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    I do. I have identical twin girls.(women). They are 23 years old. They WERE in the same sack. They are called Mono-mono twins. Very rare and dangerous. They were born at 31 weeks and spent 7 weeks and 4 days in the NICU. Ever since they got out of the hospital they have been healthier than their full term brother. It was awesome to raise them. It was easy. They are each others best friend and played together all the time. It is a very special blessing. Congratulations.
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    No advice, but congrats on your pregnancy! :)
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    No advice here either but I agree with you that twins are pretty cool, I would've liked it too. Hard work I would imagine, but great nonetheless. Congratulations.
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    Congrats - that's so awesome!:happy7:
    My best friends are boy-girl twins but they are so alike that they're practically the same person. They sing together as a pair, they share the same friends, they often say things in unison, and they even go out on dates together! It creeps me out sometimes, being that they're not even the same gender and they act exactly alike! There was this one time over the summer that they went out with the same T-shirt and shorts and people were like "WTF???":lol: So, my advice would be don't get confused between them!
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    awww..How Exciting!! Congrats!!
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