Weird things kids say

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I had the strangest conversation with Harry tonight. (He's almost 2.5, by the way.) He's going through a phase where he is waking and saying he's scared (he says "scaredy"), but we haven't been able to figure out why, beyond a bad dream. I've gotten into the habit of saying, "Give your scare-dies to Mama. Mama will make the scare-dies go bye-bye."

Tonight, he was playing in Nate's room and suddenly said "Scared!" I asked him where the "scared" came from. This is where it got weird. His language has taken off, and he knows more words than we know he knows. He said, clear as day, "Came from two years ago. A Monday." I had never heard him say any of those words.

And...he was born 2 years ago. On a Monday. And we had a scare with his breathing at birth. None of which he has any way of knowing. :confused: It kind of gave me chills, even though I'm sure he didn't know what he was saying.

Tell me your stories so I can stop feeling like my kid is from the Twilight Zone! :happy7:
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    majerle started going through her scared phase a few months ago. shes always talking about how she sees ghosts and monsters. the other day she was so convincing about being scared and seeing ghosts i actually thought maybe she really is seeing spirits or what have you. i asked her dad what he thought, but he isnt convinced. theres something about the way she stares off like shes actually watching something that makes me wonder if its her imagination or not.

    i guess 2 year olds are just creepy like that!
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    When my nephew was about 2 or 3, my sister and I were out shopping and had him with us. We went into this little new age-y bookshop that had a staircase going down to the basement. My nephew looked down the stairs and said, "There's a cat!" We looked and there was no cat or any other animals down there. The store owner was right there (a hippy, new age-y type, of course) and she said there were spirits in the building. :dontknow:
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    My daughter told me she wanted a glass of milk and eyeballs the other day. She's in a phase where it's funny to be gross. No psychic episodes, though.
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    My nephew (4.5y/o) saw Abram's umbillical stump during a diaper change and asked why he had a turd coming out of his belly button :lol:
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    Yesterday I told Aidan we were going to the doctor's (for his 18 month well visit) and he said, "Not my ears!" and covered them with his hands. He's had many many ear infections and is getting tubes 1/19.

    Also yesterday I asked him, "Where's my baby?" and he said, "I don't know". I told him, "You're my baby"and he said "Aidan? My baby!!"
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    A few months back I was buckling my 2 year old son, in his car seat. The entire time I was strapping him in he kept saying "Man, Man, Man". I looked around to see if one of our neighbors had come out of their house, but didn't see anyone. I didn't worry about it, but he kept saying it so I asked him why he kept saying Man.

    And again he just kept repeating, "Man, Man, Man." So I asked him, "Do you see a man?" and again, he repeats "Man". So I asked him, "Where is the man?", and he points towards the windshield and says "There".

    I look, and nobody is there. So again I asked "Where is the man?" He points again to the same place, and says "There" again. It really freaked me out initially, but after a while I figured maybe he saw his own reflection in the windshield or something and thought it was someone else. (shrug)
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    Nyla (2.5yrs): "once upon a time there was a king named Max. The end. Was that a great story Max (her big brother)
    Nyla (at 2) was trying to wake me up in the morning "wake up pretty eyes"

    Max (4.5yrs): "Mom, the people in my brain live in my thinking parts. They're sleeping, be quiet"

    Olivia (6): Mom, we got to write about our pets today in class.
    -Oh really? What did you write about?
    -well, I sort of played a trick (her version of saying she fibbed)
    -how did you play a trick?
    -I said that Tutti (our cat) can do all kinds of fun tricks and that she likes the tub/bath
    -that's pretty funny honey, though you probably shouldn't make those things up unless your friends know that you are making fun stories and that it's not real
    -I know Mom, but Tutti just lays around all day and leaves fur balls everywhere. I didn't want to write about that!!
    -lmao, I suppose not Olivia.

    Max (4.5yrs) "Mom, you look beautiful in your robe (bathrobe)"

    Max: "Mom, there's this superhero, though he's actually not a superhero he's just a big guy, as big as the earth that saves things like animals and he can pick up the earth. He has white eyeballs and strange glasses and hair lips and he's so strong he can pick up the earth...." he kept going on and on, but he lost me at the hair lips, I just couldn't stop laughing. He's got such a fun sense of humor and imagination.

    I love listening to what kids have to say, they are so honest and imaginative and witty and fun!
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    My son had a toy ambulance when he was about 2.5 years old and he took *everywhere*. He'd stop everyone and tell them about the lady in the back that has a broken leg and she's going to the hospital. He wanted to be an ambulance driver. Until I started getting my nails done and then he'd tell everyone he wants to work at Walmart and do nails for a living. :lol:

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