Bangs? And a few other questions...

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My daughter is 2 and has curly, wavy and even some hair that seems straight. Almost her entire canopy is straight/wavy but her hair underneath is very curly. I really have no idea where the straight hair came from, but there it is! :lol:

Anyway, she is due for a trim soon and I was debating whether to let them give her bangs. It isn't something I've ever though about before, as I haven't had bangs since I was a teenager in the 80s, but a few people have mentioned that she would look cute with them.

I get her hair trimmed every few months so the ends stay healthy, but am letting it grow out so I ask them not to cut more than 1/4" off at a time (unfortunately, the last person who cut her hair cut off way too much and now it's back to the length it was 6 months ago--UGH). With her curl/wave pattern being something I have no experience with, I don't really know what would be a good cut for her. So I just have the ends trimmed and that's it.

If I did get her bangs I don't think I would get really thick ones. I was thinking that maybe it would help her hair not be in her face so much. It's ALWAYS going into her face.

Here's a picture of her. Her hair was still damp in it, but you can see what I mean about her curl pattern:


What do you think? Bangs or no bangs?

I've also been thinking of taking her to see my hair stylist; I see a Deva Certified stylist. The child hair cutting places here don't ever impress me when they cut her hair. They seem to have 2 or 3 styles that they use for all girls, depending on their length, and they always cut it straight across the bottom and that's it. I'm starting to think that she may need some layers cut into her hair to help it fall properly.

I have to admit that I'm a little sad at how much straighter her canopy is from the rest of her hair. Her hair underneath, in the back, curls up into beautiful 3a/almost 3b curls. When her hair is wet, I can get some of her canopy hair to curl a bit, but it curls in very loose spirals that are more like waves and her canopy is still straight at the root. Once she sleeps on it her canopy is straight again when she wakes up.

I don't want to put too much in her hair right now because she's so young, and I'm not sure what to use on it anyway. Her hair is very fine, like mine, but it doesn't seem porous at all (which I guess it shouldn't since she's still so young and nothing has ever been done to it to damage it), which mine is, and her texture is smoother than mine--partially from a lack of damage and partially from having such a looser curl pattern, I assume. I would love some suggestions as to what to use in her hair to help keep it looking its best. I only know how to take care of my hair and my hair is very different than hers.
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