Great site with make-up how to videos

internetchickinternetchick Registered Users Posts: 6,191
Beauty Videos

I am not good at just reading how to's, I need to see them too.


  • JerseyCurlJerseyCurl Registered Users Posts: 945
    I like this site too. I diffuse the way the lady does in the video. It is under Beauty and then under Hair. The video is called, "How to blow dry curly hair". :)
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  • noellenoelle Registered Users Posts: 377
    Thanks for finding all these helpful places/products, Internetchick! How do you manage to discover everything I seem to need help with?! My husband says "Thank goodness for the Internetchick!" :wink::D
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  • internetchickinternetchick Registered Users Posts: 6,191
    LOL I Google stuff quite a bit :lol:
  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Registered Users Posts: 2,369
    that woman does not use the straightener very well.. in the afro video. she pulls on the hair lol u can see the girls head moving

    thanks for the site too i like watching vids
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    Great Website :D Thanks...
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    internetchick is awesome with all these websites :)
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    Strange, I clicked on the link and I just saw a black screen with the pause and stop options. I don't get why it isn't working. :?
  • klloydmajesticklloydmajestic Registered Users Posts: 183 Curl Connoisseur
    awesome webpage internetchick. . . thank you thank you thank you!!! :D
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