How long does your hairstyles last?

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During semesters when I have school I don't have any time to take care of my hair as much as I would like to, so I've been trying to find a way to preserve my hairstyles.
My braidouts can last about a week but at that point, the tangles have already started. I have pics of my week old braidout on my blog
What do you guys do to preserve your curly styles, and prevent ending up with a head full of tangles?
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    After 6-7 days (3 or 4 wash and go, 2-3 twist out) I definitely have more shed hair, but it's still easy to finger detangle if I'm using the right conditioner and/or conditioner booster. I use as much conditioner as I need and I prefer to pay for quality. My list is below and there's only one drugstore brand on it. Also, adding a little (1tsp or less) KBB Hair milk or [buylink=]Kinky Curly Knot today[/buylink] to my conditioner always boosts the slip and detangling properties.

    Favorite conditioners I rotate--
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    John Masters Organics Citrus & neroli Conditioner
    Renpure Organics My Pretty Hair is Parched Moisturizing conditioner (using currently)

    Confining my hair at night in a scrunci also helps it stay untangled. I notice I sometimes get little knots near my collar and I have to watch out for those -- they don't come out except with a scissors!
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    maybe you should try keeping your hair in small twist
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    I keep my hair twisted for between 3-5 days before wearing a twists out, and sometimes I can wear a twist out for up to 7 additional days. Easier when it's cold because the humidity is lower(sometimes). But I generally wear my twists for a week and retwist just because of habit. LOL! And the older my twist outs are(I do smallish twists) the more it resembles a more controlled wash n go. Ouchless handbands become my friends at this point(which I dbl and wear in like a loose pony, depending on how far down and back I wear it).

    My hair doesn't get really tangled when I do this. In fact, I get less tangling and it's easier to detangle. I don't have to use a comb besides when making parts.

    To preserve, I use a satin (wrap)scarf, and fluff and moisturize in the morning with a cream. The longer I do this, the smoother(less frizzy) my hair becomes.
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