What type do I have?

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*akward* Uhh, My hair goes through a lot chemically since at age 14 I began to dye my hair with salon stuff (Grandma is a professional beautician.) I would describe my hair as being thick and curly. Sometimes I don't think it could even be described as curly? It looks okay a first but once it dries or the weather is muggy and such, it's pretty frizzy. I do so much during the day that my hair is pretty much frizzy xD

my hair maybe 2006 or 2007? where it was at it's longest. Maybe my hair was dyed then, but I'm not sure.

My hair in 2009.

Hair in 2009 at it's shortest. (it was hippie day at school xD)


This is my hair on Christmas. I had it dyed darker 2 days prior. Not my best picture though.

So now that your bombarded with pictures, what do you think it is? 3A or 3B ?


  • qhsdsqhsds Posts: 63Registered Users
    I'm no expert but probably 3A :)
  • morrighumorrighu Posts: 707Registered Users
    I'm guessing 3A too and if you're having problems with frizz you need some Aloe Vera Gel and some oil. For you, something light like Sesame Oil should do it. Work a big handful of aloe gel through your hair and top it off with a scrunching of Sesame Oil. That will do wonders with your frizz.

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