How often are us curlies suppose to trim our ends?

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I went to my stylist today to get my hair trim she told me that i shoud come back every 8wks and expect to cut at least an inch to half an inch. Does that sound right to you guys? :?


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    If you are not using heat and wearing protective styles (like a wash and go where you're not manipulating the hair ends) then no, I think that's way too frequent for getting trims. I have not trimed my hair in nearly 6 months, and I have almost no split ends, and very few knots. I have also not used any heat, lots of moisture, no color, and low manipulation since my BC, so I wouldn't expect to have to trim frequently. I may trim 1/4" off next time I wear twists (before the twistout).
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    mastermind wrote:
    I went to my stylist today to get my hair trim she told me that i shoud come back every 8wks and expect to cut at least an inch to half an inch. Does that sound right to you guys? :?

    if you want to keep it the length/style that it is now then that would probably do it..... b/c basically she would be trimming ends to compensate for the new growth...... which is probably 0.5"/month....... unless your hair grows really fast
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    i want to keep as much growth as possible but want my hair to be healthy so not sure what to do? :?
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    I think 1 to 1.5 inches is a bit much for a trim. I mean if you want growth and your hair grow 1/4 to 1/2 inch every 4 the math.
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    I never trim and my hair grows just fine....
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    I try to trim every 2-5 months, when my ends get uncontrollably frizzy... in fact... i'm due for one now....
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    I haven't trimmed in a good 9 to 10 months and while I don't notice a difference in hair growth, my ends are constantly knotting and getting tangled. I too follow a very low manipulation regiment. I don't use heat or color, but if you notice your ends feeling rough, getting knots. or becoming more difficult to detangle than usual...a trim may be in order.
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    thanks for the tip. I think I'll use that as a rule of the thumb :D
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    hmmm i think the ideal is every three months getting .5" cut if you want to grow it longer, to maintain the length 1.5" is correct since the hair grows about .5" a month, but i wouldnt go every eight weeks, 12 weeks is sufficient if your hair is conditioned well and the ends get extra care, i think six - eight weeks is more necessary for straight hair because it looses shape easier than wearing curls
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