Talking customers out of/into sales.

I picked out some Biolage Condish. Balm today at the salon where my husband was getting a cut. The sales girl was very rude and told me that I needed the hydrating balm and the shampoo that went along with it. Nope. I wanted something CG and not something that I will have to shampoo out. Oh well, she kept trying to pitch products for thick/coarse hair. I was thinking, Sister, you've almost talked yourself out of this sale. My hair is medium all the way around and I certainly don't need heavy products for coarse or thick hair. She was just too pushy and kept telling me stuff like I haven't live with my hair for 35 years and know what I needed.


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    :(, I'm sorry. I guess she thought your hair was thicker than it was because it was curly, I guess. I wish my hair could be thicker! Good for you for standing up and not giving into her! I probably would have given in, just so she would shut up, haha:).
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    She kept pushing the thick/coarse products even after I said my hair wasn't thick and tends to get weighed down very easily.
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    Been there. Luckily I know how to give salespeople the "GTFOH/ I'll call you when I need you" look.
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    Great sales people know how to listen, when to probe, and to stop immediately once the deal is closed.
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    I was told by a (White) stylist at a Toni & Guy in North London who claimed to specialize in curly hair that I had thick/coarse hair. I told her I had fine/dense hair. She disagreed and said "Black" people have coarse hair.

    In my case the curly hair prejudice was backed up with some good old-fashioned racism. This stylist also had no knowledge of any of the curly hair products I mentioned and had never heard of porosity, density, or elasticity.

    After that incident, I decided if I needed a blow-out in a bind I would see her but otherwise: never again.
    Speckla wrote: »
    She kept pushing the thick/coarse products even after I said my hair wasn't thick and tends to get weighed down very easily.
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    I will tell a pushy person straight up that they are talking themselves out of a sale. It usually stops them.
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    Great sales people know how to listen, when to probe, and to stop immediately once the deal is closed.


    Sadly, I've only a few of these when it comes to curly hair care products.
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    Ine time I was going to buy a more mild bkt shampoo (even though I do not have a bkt) which was about $20 or so. The stylist INSISTED (after trying to persuade me to give her $400 to get a bkt :sad3:) that I buy the conditioner as well because "Theyre meant to be used together" :roll:
    I tried to explain to her that I have PLENTY of conditioners at home (I may have had atleast 10 bottles sitting in my cabinet at the time) and I dont shampoo my hair often. But she wouldn't have it.
    I finally just said to her: "NO! I am not spending $20 on a bottle of conditioner that a) I've never heard of, and b) that I don't need. I'm not buying it!"angry9:

    She's lucky i tipped her:angry7:
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