Is this an allergic reaction?

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Someone gave us candied pecans for Christmas, and we let DS (almost 3) eat one. He chewed it up a bit, then spit most of it out. Within a minute or two, he had a couple spots of hives on his body. I think the hives appeared where the spit-out pecan pieces touched his skin, on his cheek and his tummy (he was naked, about to take a bath). He didn't have any swelling or reaction that I could see inside his mouth. I gave him a dose of Benadryl and watched him closely the rest of the evening, and he seemed fine. We haven't given him any more pecans, of course. He's had peanuts and almonds several times before with no reaction whatsoever, but I think this is the first time he's eaten a pecan.

Should we visit the pediatrician or see an allergist about this? If nothing else, he's going in for his 3-year well visit soon, so I could mention it then.


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    I'm no expert on food allergies, but it sounds like it could definitely be an allergic reaction. I guess it's good that he didn't seem to like the pecans and therefore didn't eat a bunch!

    Personally, I don't see the need to make a special visit over it as long as he seems fine. I just, obviously, wouldn't give him any more pecans, and then I would probably mention it at his next well-visit and see if the pediatrician recommends visiting an allergist. Don't most people that have food allergies have multiple ones? If that's the case (and it may not be), it would probably be good to find out what else he may be allergic to.
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    something similar happened to majerle when she had her 1st allergic reaction to pecans. she had hives and swelling from just sticking the pecan in her mouth and spitting it right back out. i just made sure i mentioned it at her next pediatrician appointment. from there they set up an appointment to see an allergist where it was determined that she is allergic to tree nuts.

    a person who is allergic to tree nuts can very well not be allergic to peanuts, because peanuts arent nuts, theyre legumes.
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    Subbrock, I was hoping you'd reply because I thought I remembered you posting about your daughter.

    I know peanuts aren't related to other nuts, I just mentioned it because I know they're a common allergen as well.

    Tonight at my parents' Christmas dinner, he grabbed and ate a piece of fudge with walnuts, and had a similar reaction. (He also fed the dog a piece before we could stop him :-o). I think we'll just avoid all nuts with him until he goes in for his pediatrician appointment and see what they say.
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    I would definitely take him to see an allergist. The reactions could become more severe. And, while peanuts and tree nuts are not the same thing, they are often processed in the same factory, so you should still treat them with caution.

    When my daughter was 2, she ate a cashew and wound up with hives all over her back. We went to an allergist who tested her for nut allergies. She was allergic to cashews and Brazil nuts. We were cautioned to stay away from all tree nuts, just to be safe. She has since outgrown the allergy, but for several years she would get an itching in her throat if she ate something with nuts or something that had been exposed to nuts. Benadryl always took care of the problem, but we had an Epi-pen as well.
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