need some help please! hair-so-soft!!

jnell232jnell232 Posts: 2Registered Users
I have been CG for about 7 weeks now. My pre-CG routine was wash, condition, gel, hairspray, diffuse, and then usually some more gel. My hair is so soft that the hairspray would "junk" it up to help hold my curl. Is there something I could use that could do the same thing?? Texturizer is what keeps coming to my mind but I have no idea if that is what I would need to do it. I use the BRHG but eventually I end up losing the curl. I am very careful about not over-conditioning b/c I know have this problem. My top layer is the main issue, since it is a lot less curly. It falls between my chin and shoulders. I am in the growing out process and my hair does get curlier as it gets longer.
Any suggestions???


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