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Hi, I'm 25 years old and have a strange question. So, I feel unless I have a health problem, I shouldn't have thinning hair, but anyway, here is my concern.

I feel like my hair is thinning because of the way my part in my hair is going back further. I don't lose more hair in the shower than I feel I have in the past. But, my hair now parts on the back of my head. I'm finding this hard to explain, so I hope some one knows what I'm talking about. Basically, I'll go to part it off to the side, and comb the rest of my hair back to stop it from going any further, but it literally will still want to part right on the back of my head. I don't know if this is because I'm an idiot and can't part my hair like a normal person, of because my hair is thinning and there's not enough hair to NOT part back there.

Sorry, if this is confusing. But I'm stressing out over this and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    It could be one of those cows licks things (don't know if that's what you call them in the US!) Its like a little patch of hair that sort of flattens into the head and pushes the hair in a diff direction so it looks like a little bald spot. What you could try is pinning your hair at that spot when you are drying it and even at night time if you don't have to do your hair in the am. Hope this helpsicon7.gif
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    Your not alone!! I'm going through the EXACT same thing.

    My hair goes down the middle too, and I thought my hair was thinning at first too. I'm going to try the tip given above, like pinning the hair to get a different part. It makes me kind of feel goofy when I see other girls and their part isn't severe. Like my part is so severe you know? like its a dramatic part and I never part it, it just seems to do that. Maybe I need more volume at the top of my head?

    I also thought it was because I do pig tails at night sometimes, so I thought maybe my hair is forming a permanent part because of how I do my hair all the time. (I don't actually part my hair for pig tails I just grab hair in two sections)

    okay Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to pull my hair into a messy bun and my part is so obvious, so I pull some hair over it to cover up a freaking center part in a pony tail and it looks so obvious! Although I have no advice, I just want to give you virtual hugs because I have the same problem!
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    Thanks for responding :) I'm actually trying to take some vitamins that are suppose to help promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Also, trying to change the part in my hair!
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    I have a similar cowlick kind of thing that I found out about because of my thinning hair. When I had a ton of hair, I never knew the cowlick was there.....
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