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I'm planning to grow a massive fro, but last time i did it just became a big frizzy mess with no visible curls. My hair has always left me confused. It looks so nice when i come out the shower, all sleek and curly then once it dries it becomes really puffy. So i've tried to look at things that will help bring out my curls and came across the S Curl range. I'm confused though:-| How does it work ?

I've no idea how to use the Curl Activator, and what it will do for my hair. Same goes for the gel or pomade. How do i apply it ? Do i need the gel if i've got the curl activator ? I don't want to relax my hair or anything..just want to get it to look like the way it does when wet.

Any help would be great :)


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    Not sure how healthy theat can be for your hair. I do remember using a curl activator gel when i was really young and it curled it up incredibly well with mnimal effort o maintenance but my hair broke quickly and it was gooky. i rather a clean feeling in my hair without residue.
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    Im no expert by far but my daughter has really poofy hair if that's evena word and i use leave in condish and twist her hair when the twists are removed she has nice curly look. also i have used the s-curl in her hair not often but on occasion with no breakage. I just spray and leave her hair in hugh twist about 4 and she sleeps ina satin cap this help to get curl definition
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    I have 3c/4a hair and I use the S Curl Moisturizing Spray as a leave-in/moisturizer. Its very moisturizing and does make your curls pop. It can get greasy so that's why I only use it as a leave-in. I don't care to much for the gel because it does get very gooky as someone mentioned and it creates buildup. You say your hair is frizzy, you may need more moisture.

    What products are you currently using on your hair now?
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