using coconut oil n curl cream vs gel?

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My 11 year old daughter is 3c and i was wondering is this may work? and if anyone has any expiriences with this combo.
She spent the night at her grandmals sat. and dident have any products to do her hair so she just wet it and used a wide tooth comb to comb it through in the shower, and im gonna tell you her hair was not that much different then when we put product in it. soft springy curls. just soft frizz around the crown (her dryest part), so i was thinking mabey trying this combo to see how it helps! :confused1: thinking of (the moisture combats friz method) here is a pic of her hair, sorry if it is a little dark!!
Thanks for any advise! :santa:
Mostly 3a with a little 2c around the front and 3b mixed in the back,
Fine with normal to thick hair, with low porosity
low-poo~giovanni 50/50 (1 to 2 times a month)
co-wash~TJ Nourishing Spa cond (2 to 3 times weekly for scalp)
rinse-out~TJ Nourishing Spa cond
condish TJ Nourishing Spa cond
dt~ Aubreys White Camellia cond
style~Homemade FSG!!