Help w/ vegetable glycerin mix please

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So I made my own lil' spritz. I mixed some VG w/ water jojoba oil rosemary oil and peppermint oil. My question is when I felt the VG with my hands it was really oily. However after I mixed everything in the bottle and shook, it felt watery. Do I need to add more VG or Jojoba or is this normal?
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    See how your hair likes it as it is. My hair loves vg, so I tend to use a lot. I played with my mixture until I got it right for my hair. I ended up using about 1 part vg and 3 parts water, then I add all the other stuff. It took me about a month of working with different mixes until I got it right for my hair.

    However, I don't use vg in the winter. My hair hates it in the winter.
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    my mixture made my hair feel a little "slick", not really moist/soft when i sprayed it in my hair. how should i adjust my mix?

    i used:
    - rose water (about 3 oz)
    - glycerin (about 1 oz)
    - aloe vera jelly (big squirt)
    - almond oil (1/4 oz)
    - essential oil (lots of drops)

    i don't know why it felt slick and not moist like. can any mixtresses help me?
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