Desparately needing advice for newbie!

Wow, I'm really excited about this site. I've just recently found it so be patient while I learn my way around. From what I can tell I'm a 3B but hope to learn more as we go along. I have always disliked my hair, not so much the curl as the frizz and the unpredicitability.

I have had stylists tell me that my hair is healthy although I am not convinced. I feel that my hair is very dry which I know is the reason for a lot of the frizziness. Manitoba has quite a bit of humidity so even if I start out having a good hair day it doesn't last.

From what I can tell I would be considered a PJ as I have at least 15 different bottles in my cupboard of various shampoo,conditioners, cremes, gels etc. Currently I used most often Grund Shampoo & Rinse. ISO Tamerfoam (softens curls but leaves white film) so I will finish using and probably not re-buy. Loved combining TextureLine Smoothing Serum (no longer available) with Pantene Pro V Styling Creme. CurlKarma softens curls but not enough hold. As a leave in I'm currently using Neutrogena Triple Moisture but I'm starting to wonder if this could be causing my hair to dry and split as it is worse than it has ever been. Please help! I really need to know where to start. In addition, my ends are quite a bit lighter than the rest of my dark hair. Cuttiing off the six inches necessary is not an option as my hair grows extremely slow.


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    I wanted to welcome you to CurlTalk. You will get all kinds of great advice here. You can check out the main hair discussion board, the 3b board and the product review board for all good kinds of good advice.


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