I need opinions on this possible 4B style

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Hi all!

I've done it all from pressed, braids with extensions,to locs, etc., now I have a twa . My hair is tight and unless it's cut to the quick I can't get it to look neat and unkempt so I've had to use a texturizer, which I hate. The ends are super straight from the touch ups and the's a hot mess.

Personally, I'd like no chemicals so I'm thinking of growing my hair, then wearing two strand twists. But my hair has a super-tight coil. I might try blow drying my hair, then putting it into twists which, in theory, will give it a little length and smooth it out.

Anyone have thoughts on this kind of style?

Also, I need to figure out what to do until it grows out. I so don't want to get my hair braided in zillions, perhap I can get two strand extensions until mine grows out.

I'm going crazy trying to figure this out and would appreciate very much any help. :)