Why do stylists insist on blow drying?

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I've noticed that stylists always want to blow dry your hair straight. I've been going to the same stylist for 14 years and she gives me a good cut, but has no ideas on how to style curly hair. All she wants to do is blow my hair straight, and frankly, I think I look like a newscaster when it's straight. It doesn't look like me.

The salon I go to in general seems to look their noses down on curly hair (they really promote that expensive Brazilian straightening technique). I never see anyone walk out of there with natural hair, it's all highlighted and blow-dried pin straight. Based on comments I've gotten from my stylist and others who work there, they seem to think my hair looks better straight.

I wish there was a Devachon or Ouidad salon near my home! I'd try to find someone else, but it's very difficult to find a stylist that knows how to cut curly hair.


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    If you have someone whose cut you like, just tell them that if they can't be bothered to diffuse it or even put you under a dryer, that you'd rather leave with it wet than have it blown straight - it's your hair. Maybe they'll at least get the hint and an attitude adjustment.

    If you don't particularly care for the cut anyway, it'd be worth seeking out somewhere with a better attitude, LOL - it doesn't have to be a Devachon or Ouidad salon. I've been mostly pretty unimpressed with the ones near me anyway :dontknow:.
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    Isn't it awful that so many salons do this? My old stylist did the same thing -- she had no clue what to do with my curls, other than to make me look like Dolly Parton, circa 1985.

    Have you used this forum or this link to find a good stylist where you live? I agree with auntnett -- I haven't found that the Deva-trained ones are worth the money.
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    I was in beauty school and often got my hair done there when we had freetime, they ALWAYS wanted to blowdry and flat iron my hair. On my graduation day, the day I wanted to show off my curls, someone talked me into flat ironing my hair. I wanted to cry. I know it was my fault for agreeing, but it really made me sad.
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    Well, my stylist straightened my hair last time, but that was just to check that she cut the layers evenly, so I didn't have a problem with it. Are yours blow drying it before they cut it?? That's awful. You can't cut curly hair straight, it will look completely different... why haven't they learned this yet?
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    It makes sense that a stylist would blowout your hair as that is the style he/she wants to achieve with that certain cut.

    I always had my hair blown out as a “special treat” because I could never blow it out myself - but after I washed it and left it curly it wouldn’t look right.

    Now that I am embracing my natural curly hair I made a vow for my next cut to only be done by a curly hairstylist as now I only intend to wear my hair curly.
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    my last stylist never insisted because my hair took so long to blow out and straighten, lol. she was happy when i wanted to just sit under the hood dryer for a bit before leaving.
  • funnybunny668funnybunny668 Posts: 16Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I think there are a few different reasons. One could be so the stylist can check the cut to make sure its even all over. Another may be as simple as *most* people he/she deals with do want it blowdried/straightened, so it's what they're used to doing. Could be that if you paid for a cut & style, this is what most would do to style it.
    Any way, I'm pretty sure if you tell them you prefer it curly, they should be happy to oblige. I know my stylist (when I went to the same one regularly) eventually got used to my preference for leaving it curly.
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    Most people in general prefer and know what to do with straight hair I guess. That's why you need to research and find salons that specialize in curly hair. They usually don't blowdry or flat iron unless you ask them. If they do, then it's a bad salon. I still haven't found one I love yet. I don't care anymore how they style it (usually they get the products and the amount all wrong), as long as the cut is good.
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    I honestly think the majority of hairdressers are more comfortable blowing it out straight and just don't have a lot of experience working with curly hair.

    I have been to a few stylists who specialize in cutting curly hair and it has always been such a great experience, they all either used the hooded dryer, or used a diffuser on me.

    Last year I got to be a model in a hair show for Aveda, and many of the Aveda students were hair models as well. They actually styled everyone's hair straight, except for mine - they made it waaay huge and curly. But the students actually said, how do you get it like that? In school we don't really learn much about how to style curly hair.

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    I like to think that I trained the stylest I used to go to (and went to for many years) on how to cut curly hair. And she knew not to ask me if i wanted it styled but she would flat iron me if i asked cause she knew I liked to mix it up on occasion. She always said if once I got home and got it styled if something didnt look right to come back and she would fix it.

    I have told many a stylist that they dont need to put any product in my hair because I will do it when i get home with my own stuff and if they are offended I cant help that. Im offended when I have to try and wash out all three cones :angry5:
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  • WurlyLoxWurlyLox Posts: 4,858Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    The cut is my main concern, too. Despite having found a few who could cut curly hair well over the years, I've only ever had one who could really style it well - this is mainly because they all try to style it before it's absolutely dry. That matters more with mine than the products they use or how they use them, although few of them know how to use them "properly".

    I'm not that bothered by a little sulfate shampoo and/or a few cones every few months, but like PreciousHoney, I usually just tell them not to bother with product and that I'll leave with it wet. They think I'm silly about the silicones, but they seem to believe me about it doing better when it dries on its own. If it's really cold out, I let them try to style it just to see if I might learn something or teach them something - it's rarely the former, usually the latter, LOL .
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    It's mostly what the stylist is comfortable with, as other posters have mentioned, but I also think they may be thinking of the salon's reputation. Straight hair is perceived as modern and stylish, and they don't want someone with curly hair giving their salon's name when asked, "Who did your hair?" Just my hunch.

    I have to fight with stylists to get them to let me leave with my hair wet or sit under a dryer (if it's cold out) rather than have them blow dry/flat iron my hair. Again, I think they perceive that the salon's reputation is at stake. I have also learned to bring my own products.

    On the other hand, i'd rather have my hair blown and ironed straight than to have a curly hair "specialist" attack it with a diffuser. I always end up looking like a poodle when that happens.
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    When I lived in NYC, I lived in a highly populated Spanish and Black area. So there were a lot of curlier all over the place! Curly hair was hair you usually styled at home, and salons were for straightening (or nice buns for events like weddings and parties). I swear, I did not even KNOW that people curly style at a salon! But I guess I don't know why stylist assume you want it straightened... I mean, when I go to the salon, I want it straighten. But their job is to hear you out and do what you want done.
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    I can only recall one hairdresser ever asking me if I wanted a blow-out... but that's not to say that all of the others knew how to style my hair! As some others have said, I'm only interested in the cut. I just don't want it over-styled- no straightening, no twirling, none of that crap! I just want to be able to tell that the cut is ok, and for that my hair needs to be dry. But there have only been a few times when I left the salon with my hair styled the way I like it.
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    It's their job to style your hair the way you want it. Sometimes stylists who have been working a long time are the most stubborn about doing it their way. This one stylist I tried once wouldn't give me a short cut because she said it would poof out. She didn't know how to do layers after her years of experience!

    Yesterday I was watching an old episode of Tabatha's Salon Takeover and there was this customer who told the stylist that she likes to wear her hair scrunched. The stylist gave her a blow out anyway. Tabatha called her out for bad customer service. The stylist's excuse was that she always blows out curly/wavy hair because "that's what everybody wants".

    Idk, personally I'd refuse the blow-frying part altogether if they're gonna blow it out. I always tell the stylist before they start cutting to leave it wavy. Bringing a picture also helps!

    I've never had problems with diffusers. My hair likes to be partially diffused then air-dried the rest of the way. I have no choice anyway, my hair will take days to air dry!
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