Help with wavy/curly hair!

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I was really happy to find this site. For the past three years, I've been growing my hair out, only to wind up getting exasperated and cutting it after about six months due to the fact that I really have no idea how to control it.

I actually never knew I had wavy/curly hair until the first time I tried to grow it out long three years ago, and that came as a bit of a shock. It's particularly the curliest at the bangs, the rest is more wavy. I'd guess I was a 2 as far as hair type goes.

My hair isn't very oily, so I can go a number of days without washing before it starts to look greasy or in need of a wash. Yesterday was the best day my hair has looked at this length (it's not very long, it's only been grown out for about 3 months) and the curls were really pronounced.

Then I went ahead and washed my hair, and now it's back to being a poofy, dry, fluffy mess.

I actually have a pretty complicated regimen right now because I'm battling what appears to be seborrhoeic dermatitis. None of the shampoos that I've used have worked for that, and I've resorted to using an apple cider vinegar rinse to try and solve it. While it's too earlyto tell, it seems to have helped more than any of the other things.

I live in Florida, which is known for its hard water. I installed a shower filter, which seems to help control the water quality. Because of my scalp condition, I switched to trying sulfate free shampoo and bought Organix brand shampoo and conditioner... but I checked and it does seem like there's a 'cone' in the conditioner (dimethicone)

I'm not exactly sure what I can do to keep my hair looking good while not being too greasy or dirty. I'm very active in sports (I work out daily and play ice hockey, so then my hair is getting really sweaty under the helmet) so I can't always stick to the no-wash regimen. Does anyone happen to have an idea on how I can either maintain or replace the natural oils that allow my hair to have the waves and curls?

I've looked at the threads discussing no-shampooing and conditioner-cleaning. If it's worth anything, after I used my vinegar rinse, my hair dried and it actually looked really good, but then I decided to shampoo it out. Incidentally, that only has made my head really itchy again.

Sometimes I think it'd be easier to just keep it short, but I like having longer hair and think if I could just tame it, it'd be sustainable!

Thanks in advance :)


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    This is often a trial and error thing. Your hair looked great after the vinegar rinse, so keep that on your list of what works. When you use shampoo, use one for your scalp condition,like Neutrogena T Sal and only a tiny bit, just on your scalp, at the same time coat your hair with cone free conditioner. Let it set a few minutes, then rinse out.
    Now you have treated your scalp and conditioned your hair at the same time. As a final rinse, mix 1T vinegar in a large glass of water, pour it through your hair, then gently rinse out. At this point you can mix in your palm a pea size of your conditioner and a little gel and scrunch it into your hair. Now don't touch it until it dries.

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