How often should I wash my hair...

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I'm 21 years old and not too long ago I discovered I had curly hair...hmm I'm not an idiot, but I never had interest in fixing my hair only coloring it...anyways...I'm just curious because my hair is really dry, as to how often should I wash my hair?!?!?! icon_confused.gif


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    Why not post this question at the "General discussion about curly hair" board? (then you'll probably get more replies).

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    Hey there, Becky Lynn!

    if it's really dry, condition daily and 'clarify' as needed...

    you can do a search [if you can get it to work] and look up routines and maint tips, etc.

    also post your hair type w/a question for help on the general hair board and you should get lots of great tips!

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    I wash my hair everyday, I shampoo usually everyother day, that way you can style your hair everyday, but not really have it dry out. I usually also try to rinse out the conditioner then blast my hair with cold water for about 10 sec.
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