Can anyone recommend a hair rinse that lasts

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Let me tell you the situation with my hair. My hair was previously bleached so that I could get a honey blond color. Anyway, I have been growing that out so now half my hair is black and the other half is an ugly orange color (the blond has turned brassy). I did not want to put permanent color over that because the bleached hair may already be fragile. I want to grow out the color, but grow it out safely. So that at the end I can color again or just leave it. Anywho, what I have been doing is semipermanent color rinses such as jazzing and clairol beautiful. I haven't tested the longevity of the jazzing, but I am not fond of the way it makes my hair feel. Does anyone know if it lasts long? The Clairol Beautiful claims to last 4 to 8 shampoos, but it is always one for me whether I apply heat or not. To make a long story short I have to apply the rinse every week because every bit of color washes down the drain. Can anyone recommend a rinse that really does last through a couple of shampoos?

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    I'm using Robert Craig with excellent results, since March. It is permanent but without ammonia or the other dangerous chemical, and safe for chemically treated hair. It's a powder that mixes with warm water and it works very well. I buy it on line at

    The site is very informative. I first learned of it through the Jessicurl site. You can find other posts in the hair color forum.

    The only gotcha I found with the Craig colors is the result is darker than the color swatch. I wanted light brown, purchased Golden brown. That came out dark brown and I had to strip the color and apply golden blonde.

    Before Craig I used the Beautiful which started fading with the first shampoo (I'm 80% gray). Also they run very red. Jazz was a little better, but I got inconsistent color results (greenish on parts of my head :shock: ) Used Toasted Almond.

    ETA - my hair was previously bleached, too.
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    You cound also try a henna/indigo mix for a nice brunette color. And since it's a plant in powder form, so no dangerous chemicals to worry about
    For more information, try

    at the henna for hair site, they have great henna recipes. And I think some have hennaed over dye and bleach, so as long as you're not allergic to the henna plant or indigo plant, then you should be fine. If you decide to buy them, do a test patch with the powders' mixtures behind your ear or in the bend of your elbow.
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    Natural Instincts from Walgreens (thats where I get mine). I have never been satisfied w/Rinses until someone recommended N-Instincts. I'm into week 8 and have done plenty shampoo's....I'm redoing this week. It grasps well, even over the few gray strands I have now.

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