No protective styling, no satin bonnets, SLS poos and retaining length?

My brothers and nephews are all walking living proof. I've watched my nephew's hair go from prickly fuzz to a basketball sized fro in less than a year. He doesn't sleep on satin, uses whatever poo he can find (and they are always loaded with SLS's), dosen't protective style (I'm positive he has no idea what that means) rarely (if ever) puts a comb in his hair and his idea of moisture is occassionally rubbing some ultra sheen through his hair. However, he's got one of the most healthy, sheeny, curly fros I've ever seen and on closer inspection I couldn't find a single split end and only a handful of fairy knots.

I know most men don't fuss with their hair half as much as women, so that alone helps with length retention, but what gives?
I like my gels light, my oils heavy, my conditioners thick, and my curls long...


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    I know exactly what you mean! My boy friend has a gorgeous head of hair and he doesn't even try. I remember giving him a leave-in conditioner and my god the compliments he got on his hair... I work so hard and yet his hair shines more and feels softer than mine. Haaa Do we fuss over our hair too much?
    Could it be a diet thing?
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    by the way I love your avatar >_< I don't know how many times I've had to fight off people trying to put me on motions...:sad3:
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    I wonder the same thing. I don't sleep on satin, or do protective styling every day. I do deep condition twice a week, pre-poo when I use SLS and bun at night though. I also always moisturize at night with water and some conditioner and then seal it in too. I don't do twists or knots or anything, I wear my hair in a wash and go everyday and I've retained pretty much all the length I've grown over the last year. I have a protein intense diet, so I think that might have something to do with my hair not breaking. I haven't gotten so many fairy knots since I started bunning at night, but I never noticed much breakage on my hair, either when I was relaxed or now that I'm natural.

    I'm beginning to think that some people just have healthy hair. I find that my hair can take anything. I know it's bad, but before I was educated, I used Dominican deep conditioners and rinses with mineral oil as deep treatments and leave ins and my hair came out much, much softer than it ever has with all natural products.
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    I think its genetics!

    The only time I've ever had a split end was when I permed. I really have to seriously abuse it to get it to the state its in now :) hehehe, and I still don't have split ends. Its just really dry and frizzy. Still really shiny and grows decently fast.

    However, I have very fine hair, and I don't have a lot of it (anymore), so its not like its perfect at all. I'm just grateful for the things that aren't wrong with it LOL!
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    It's nature's way of making up for male pattern baldness.
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    It's nature's way of making up for male pattern baldness.

    I like my gels light, my oils heavy, my conditioners thick, and my curls long...