Less curl with shorter hair?

I've pretty much always had curly hair.
Yesterday I got my long hair cut to an inch below my shoulder.
I've always notices that the bottom, longest layer of my hair would curl the most and my top, shorter layers woulds.
My bangs barely curled.
This pretty much goes against gravity and hair weight, so I thought maybe I was applying my hair product weird?
So anyways, no that my hair's short it still waves but not nearly as much as before.
Any ideas why? I'm not worried, just curious.


  • lotoloto Posts: 133Registered Users
    It's very common for people to gain/lose curl when they cut/grow out their hair. Mine curled up more when I went from mid-back to a bob, but a lot of people experience loosening of the curl.
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    My 12yo daughter's hair gets curlier the longer it is. She cut 10 inches off for Locks of Love and went from curly to wavy.
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    3a and below tend to gain curl with length. 3b and up tend to gain curl when shorter. It's just a variance in curl pattern types.
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    Mine does this too - the longer it is, the curlier it is. I got a haircut hoping that getting rid of the heavily bleached dead ends would make it curlier/more lively, but I really just cut most of my curls off. And my bangs just hang in my face with annoying flips due to the waviness. Oops!
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  • km123km123 Posts: 4Registered Users
    I think this recently happened to my hair. I'm looking for a product to help make the loser curls a little more tight, any ideas?
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    km123 wrote: »
    I think this recently happened to my hair. I'm looking for a product to help make the loser curls a little more tight, any ideas?

    My hair likes the more natural products. My current loves are in my signature. Most help with curl.
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    I think this recently happened to my hair. I'm looking for a product to help make the loser curls a little more tight, any ideas?

    Yup, mine did this too. Went from waist length to shoulder length and went from curls to mostly waves. I've been using Lustrasilk Olive Oil and Cholesterol from Sally's to help give my curls a little better form. But I've accepted that my curls won't really come back until my hair grows back out a little more.
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    My hair's just the opposite. I have spirals when it is above shoulder-length, and waves when it is to my lower back. Right now it's BSL and I have sort of in-between hair. I don't even know how to begin to type my hair--it's fine, thin, and maybe medium porosity, though. Unfortunately I don't have any current pics, at least not with it curly . . .
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    I have good 3a or 3b curls when my hair is longer - 3a when it's mid back, 3b when it's waist length, but this bob? Barely any curl when I air dry, some wave when I diffuse. I love having short hair, but this lack of curl is driving me nuts.
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